What language is ISSI Nafta?

In “Isii Nafta,” Nimco—a multilingual icon—sings, “I love you” in Arabic, English, Kiswahili and Somali—it is East Africa wrapped in a song. With the record deal, we can’t wait to hear more of her work and for the world to experience what she has to offer.

What language does nimco happy speak?

That led to a meme of people saying they can say “I love you” in multiple languages. Nimco said she can confidently speak Somali and Swahili well, and can speak only a little bit of English and Arabic.

What ethnicity is nimco happy?

For Fauzia, a British-Somali DJ and artist who goes by one name, the virality of the song by Nimco Elmi Ali, better known by her stage name Nimco Happy, is a sign of something more.

How old is nimco happy?

The 25-year-old started making content on social media while he was in school, often comedy sketches about growing up as a British Somali. He is overjoyed to see the song go viral.

Who is the famous Somali singer?

The beauty and brilliance of Baxsan, one of the most popular Somali singers of all time.

Is Nafta Somali song?

So far the song—which is sung in a mixture of Somali, English, Arabic and Swahili—and the footage have been watched millions of times.

What nationality is ISII Nafta?

Quick Facts

Full Real Name Nimco Happy
Place of Birth Mogadishu, Somalia
Profession Tiktok Star, Singer
Net worth USD 60k (approx.).
Nationality Somalian

Where was happy born nimco?

Early life. Ali was born c. 1983 in Somalia. When she was four, her family moved to Manchester, England, where she was raised.

Who is the best singer in Somalia?

Top 10 Best Somali Singers

  • Yurub Geenyo.
  • Maxamed BK.
  • Dayax Dalnuurshe.
  • Nimcaan Hilaac.
  • Farxiya Kabayare.
  • Ilkacase.
  • Sacdiyo Siman.
  • Halimo Gobaad.

Who is the best artist in Somalia?

K’naan (1978 – ) With an HPI of 52.46, K’naan is the most famous Somali Musician. His biography has been translated into 34 different languages on wikipedia.

Who signed nimco happy?

But make no mistake, music is on the way. Now that she’s signed on to Universal Records, the same major label as BTS and Rihanna, the 2022 music scene is her oyster.

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