How much does a 28 inch trout weigh?

10 – 12 lbs
Weight of Actual Fish: 10 – 12 lbs.

How much does a 30 inch trout weigh?

How Much Does A 30 Inch Rainbow Trout Weigh? Weight of Actual Fish: 10 – 12 lbs.

How much does a 28 inch speckled trout weigh?

Some places such as Sabine lake for example produces some very fat healthy fish, so it wouldn’t be weird to catch a 28 inch fish weighing close to nine pounds.

How old is a 27 inch lake trout?

The fish measured over 40 inches in length with a 27-inch girth. Schafermeyer estimated the fish to be between 50 and 60 years old.

How much does a lake trout weigh?

40 lbsLake trout / Mass (Adult)

How long is a 1 pound rainbow trout?

Bass and Trout

Length Smallmouth Bass Rainbow Trout
Weight Weight
15.5″ 1 lb. 12 oz. 1 lb. 5 oz.
16″ 1 lb. 15 oz. 1 lb. 7 oz.
16.5″ 2 lb. 2 oz. 1 lb. 10 oz.

How long is a 2 lb trout?

Bass and Trout

Length Smallmouth Bass Brown Trout
Weight Weight
16.5″ 2 lb. 2 oz. 1 lb. 12 oz.
17″ 2 lb. 6 oz. 1 lb. 14 oz.
17.5″ 2 lb. 9 oz. 2 lb. 1 oz.

What is the largest lake trout ever caught?

72 pounds
The current IGFA all tackle world record for Lake Trout is 72 pounds. That’s the biggest lake trout caught on a line that has been recognised by the International Game Fish Association.

What size lake trout eat?

Re: Lake Trout Eaters Going by length, anywhere between 20 and 25 inches long seems to be the best flavor and big enough to be worth keeping.

How long is a 2lb trout?

What is a good size lake trout?

Lake trout average 19.7 inches in length and weigh anywhere from 5 to 15 pounds generally. However, Lake Trout are the largest of the char species and will reach sizes of 15-40 pounds and lengths of 24-36 inches.

What lake has the biggest lake trout?

Great Bear Lake
The largest caught on a rod and reel according to the IGFA was 72 pounds (33 kg), caught in Great Bear Lake in 1995 with a length of 59 inches (150 cm).