How many Marvel Zombies comics are there?

Marvel Zombies
No. of issues 5
Main character(s) Zombie versions of Marvel Comics characters
Creative team
Written by Robert Kirkman

What order should I read Marvel Zombies?

If you wish to read all of the side stories (after you have read the main arc), then work your way through this list:

  1. Marvel Zombies 3 (2008) #1 – #4.
  2. Marvel Zombies 4 (2009) #1 – #4.
  3. Marvel Zombies 5 (2010) #1 – #5.
  4. Marvel Zombies Supreme (2011) #1 – #5.
  5. Marvel Zombies Halloween (2012) #1.
  6. Marvel Zombies Destroy!

Which is the first Marvel Zombies?

in Ultimate Fantastic Four (2003) #21 The first appearance of Marvel’s Zombie Universe!

Who was all in Marvel Zombies?

Marvel Zombies/Army of Darkness, Marvel Zombies: Dead Days, and Marvel Zombies 2 show the existence of Venom, Winter Soldier, Dark Phoenix, Scarlet Spider, and War Machine, yet the Silver Surfer and Galactus still have not discovered Earth.

Did Hulk become a zombie?

In the comics, Bruce Banner was turned into a zombie and lost the ability to ever become the Hulk again, given that being undead means no more emotions, including anger.

Is the Hulk immune to zombies?

This reveals two things – first, that the Hulk is impervious to being bitten by a zombie; second, that Banner will automatically be protected by the Hulk regardless of whether or not he’s expecting an attack. This suggests that both aspects of his personality would survive the apocalypse.

Does Earth-616 still exist?

The reality of Earth-616 has gone through eight different incarnations, all triggered by different instances of multiversal renewal, which constitutes in the destruction and re-creation of everything there is. Little is known of most of Earth-616’s incarnations.

Who is Colonel America?

Colonel America (real name: Steven Rogers) is the counterpart of Captain America from the horror comic book, Marvel Zombies. He is responsible for Spider-Man’s infection, and half responsible for the infection of Wolverine. He is also indirectly responsible for Reed’s insanity, as Colonel America infected She-Hulk.

How did Deadpool become a zombie?

Zombie Deadpool was randomly possessed by each party during the chaos until being picked up by Deadpool-616. After escaping the carnage, Deadpool, his living counterpart, and Dr.

Can Groot turn into a zombie?

Groot was zombified by the Respawned, intelligent zombies infested by a new breed of Brood parasite. He and the Respawned later ambushed and zombified members of the Fantastic Four, X-Men, and Avengers.

Is Thor a zombie in What If?

episode 4 saw the original Avengers turn into zombies, except for Thor. The God of Thunder is nowhere in the latest outing of the Disney+ animated series titled “What If…Zombies.” This has left viewers wondering what he’s up to while his fellow MCU heroes were fighting an invasion from the living dead.

How did Wolverine become a zombie?

Regenerative Healing Factor: This Wolverine once shared the healing factor of his Earth-616 counterpart, however this wasn’t strong enough to resist the Hunger Virus causing him to turn into a Zombie.

Are there any Marvel Zombies?

Marvel Zombies is a comic book metaseries published by Marvel Comics. The series features zombie versions of Marvel Universe superheroes and supervillains who have been portrayed as both protagonists and antagonists through the different limited series within the metaseries. 3.3 Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness 3.12 Marvel Zombies Destroy!

What are the most popular Marvel Comics?

Marvel Zombies – an alternate universe where all of Marvel’s characters have become a zombie – has by far been one of the most popular. While it might have started as a concept in Ultimate Fantastic Four, Marvel Zombies has spawned into many miniseries by big name creators.

What are the best Marvel Zombies books to read?

Marvel Zombies: The Covers HC – Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #8 by Mike Zeck. Marvel Zombies: The Book of Angels, Demons & Various Monstrosities #1, – Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe (Vol. 2) #12. Marvel Zombies 2 #1, – Michael Turner variant of Civil War #1, by Michael Turner.

What are the Marvel Zombies covers?

Most Marvel Zombies issues and trade paperbacks feature covers by Arthur Suydam recreating classic Marvel Comics covers with the characters replaced by zombie versions. The covers of Marvel Zombies 3 by Greg Land feature recreations of posters of classic zombie films featuring zombified Marvel Comics characters.