What shape is a Sagittate?

Definition of sagittate : shaped like an arrowhead specifically : elongated, triangular, and having the two basal lobes prolonged downward a sagittate leaf — see leaf illustration.

What is a leaf base shape?

The leaf or leaflet base is broadly to narrowly tapering, appearing triangular to wedge-shaped. Generally, the converging margins are separated by an angle of less than 90 degrees.

What is an example for circular shaped leaf?

Another group consists of leaves that are roughly round or squarish in shape; their width and length are close to the same. Orbicular: round, circular; example. Nasturtium.

What is a Cordate base?

Definition. Heart-shaped at the base of a leaf blade. A cordate leaf blade always has a cordate base but a cordate leaf base may not always be associated with a cordate leaf blade.

What are the types of leaf base?

Some common types of leaf bases found in angiosperms are given below.

  • Sheathing Leaf Base:
  • Decurrent Leaf Base:
  • Free Lateral Stipules (Fig.
  • Scaly stipules:
  • Adnate Stipules:
  • Interpetiolar Stipules:
  • Intrapetiolar Stipides:

What is a cuneate leaf base?

Definition. Wedge-shaped; referring to the base of a leaf blade of which the angle formed by the meeting of the margins is less than 90°.

What is a rounded leaf base?

Definition. Referring to a leaf blade base that is curved at the apex with an angle greater than 90 degrees at the point where the two sides meet.

What is a Cordate shape?

Cordate is an adjective meaning ‘heart-shaped’ and is most typically used for: Cordate (leaf shape), in plants.

In which family Sagittate stamens are present?

So, the correct answer is ‘Catheranthus roseus’

What is a K sagittate leaf?

(K) Sagittate — When the leaf blade is arrow-shaped i.e. the apex of the leaf blade is pointed and two basal lobes are pointed downwards, e.g. Sagittaria sagittifolia (Alismaceae), Ipomoea reptans (Convolvulaceae) etc. Different types of leaf blade.

What is the difference between sagittate and hastate and rhombic?

Sagittate leaves have a shape like an arrowhead. Hastate leaves are also shaped like an arrowhead, but the basal lobes diverge or extend away from the midrib, giving an outline that resembles a halberd. Rhombic leaves have a more or less diamond shape, with straight margins and with the widest part of the leaf lamina near the middle.

What is the shape of the leaf blade?

the leaf blade is cordate (heart-shaped with backward-facing rounded lobes), or sagittate (arrow-shaped with backward-facing pointed lobes) the leaf blade is lanceolate (lance-shaped; widest below the middle and tapering at both ends) the leaf blade is linear (very narrow with more or less parallel sides)

What is the shape of ensiform leaf?

Ensiform leaves resemble the shape of a broad sword. Ligulate leaves are straplike, resembling a tongue. Falcate leaves are elongated and recurved, resembling the shape of a sickle blade. Lanceolate leaves have a lance-shaped leaf, with the widest part of the leaf near the base and the narrowest part near the apex.