What is the meaning of the saying the coast is clear?

Definition of the coast is clear —used to mean that someone can go somewhere or do something without being caught or seen because no one is in the area OK, the coast is clear—you can come out now!

What to say instead of it is clear that?

What is another word for it is clear?

it is apparent it is conspicuous
it is discernible it is evident
it can be seen it is readily apparent
clearly conspicuously
manifestly obviously

What is another way to say very clear?

1 fair, cloudless, sunny. 2 translucent, limpid, crystalline, diaphanous. 8 intelligible, comprehensible, lucid, plain, perspicuous. 10 obvious, manifest, apparent, unmistakable.

What’s a synonym for going crazy?

go crazy. go haywire. go nuts. go off the deep end. hit the ceiling.

Is the coast is clear a metaphor?

coast is clear, the This expression may have originated among pirates and smugglers who were referring to the absence of coast guards, or with regard to a coastal military invasion, but no citations bear out these theories. By the late 1500s the term was used purely figuratively.

Is it the ghost is clear or the coast is clear?

“The coast is clear” is correct. Ghosts, while often transparent or semi-transparent, don’t come into it.

What is a good word for clearly?


  • apparently.
  • certainly.
  • definitely.
  • distinctly.
  • evidently.
  • obviously.
  • openly.
  • plainly.

What is crystal clear synonym?

Words related to crystal-clear gauzy, sheer, translucent, clear, thin, bright, comprehensible, crystalline, definite, distinct, filmy, intelligible, lucid, luculent, obvious, pellucid, perspicuous, pure, see-through, transparent.

Is crystal clear an idiom?

Meaning: absolutely clear, easy to understand.

Is it the ghost is clear or coast is clear?