What year did Auburn beat Alabama in football?

Alabama 28, Auburn 17 Nov. 28, 1981 – Birmingham, Ala. All eyes were on the state of Alabama as head coach Paul “Bear” Bryant was one win away from breaking Amos Alonzo Stagg’s record of 314 career victories.

When did Auburn beat Alabama 5 years in a row?

For the first time in the series history, five consecutive Iron Bowl winners went to the BCS National Championship Game: Alabama in 2009, Auburn in 2010, and Alabama again in 2011 and 2012.

What is the record of Alabama vs Auburn?

Alabama has a winning record against all Southeastern Conference teams and leads the series with Auburn 48–37–1….Iron Bowl.

All-time series Alabama leads 48–37–1 (.564)
Largest victory Alabama, 55–0 (1948)
Longest win streak Alabama, 9 (1973–1981)

How did Auburn lose?

The Tigers are falling apart down the stretch. Auburn (24-3, 12-2 SEC) lose to Florida 63-62 after a turnover-riddled game with poor officiating. The narrative doesn’t change.

What is the Iron Bowl record between Alabama and Auburn?

Saturday’s Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn is the 82nd football meeting between the two schools. The record so far favors Alabama: 45-35-1. 1. Historically, this series has been one of spurts.

What is the all-time record between Alabama and Auburn?

The record so far favors Alabama: 45-35-1. 1. Historically, this series has been one of spurts. Auburn was 6-1 from 1893-1902, the first games in series history. Alabama was 8-2-1 from 1903-1953. Auburn was 5-0 from 1954-1958. Alabama was 19-4 from 1959-1981. Auburn was 6-2 from 1982-1989. Auburn was 6-0 from 2002-2007. Alabama is 7-2 since 2008.

What is the average score between Auburn and Bama in games?

The teams have spent alternating stretches dominating each other for years at a time, and we’re currently in the midst of what’s (mostly) been a Bama boom. 2. In Auburn wins, the average score is 26-13. 3. In Bama wins, the average score is 27-9.

How many shutouts have Bama and Auburn thrown in the Iron Bowl?

Of the 81 Iron Bowls, 24 have included shutouts. That’s 30 percent. Bama has pitched 16 shutouts, Auburn eight. The last was a 49-0 Tide romp in 2012.