Are truckers in demand in Australia?

Job security According to statistics, the shortage of heavy truck drivers remains a big issue in Australia which means there is a big demand for new heavy truck drivers! You don’t need to worry about getting a job when you become a truck driver!

Who is the biggest trucking company in Australia?

Allied Express is the largest, independently owned courier and express freight company in Australia with offices in all major mainland capitals.

Why is there a shortage of truck drivers in Australia?

The biggest factor in the truck driver shortage that we have here in Australia is the way truck drivers are treated in general, and in a lot of cases it’s badly.

Is trucking a good career in Australia?

Versatility. Truck driving is a highly sought after skill that can provide you with great job opportunities in any city or state in Australia and even overseas.

How many truck drivers are there in Australia?

There were 196,000 Truck Drivers in 2020. The number of workers: grew strongly over the past 5 years.

How do I start a trucking company in Australia?

Starting a business

  1. Register an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  2. Register a business name.
  3. Register your business for Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  4. Apply for a business Tax File Number.
  5. Apply for an individual Tax File Number.
  6. Register for PAYG withholding.
  7. Get liability insurance for your business.

Why are truckers leaving the industry?

When they feel underappreciated and underpaid, truck drivers currently in the industry, are leaving their jobs to look for something that offers better pay, benefits and working conditions. Low wages. There was a time when truck drivers made decent money for their hard work.

How much does a trucker make in Australia?

$61,630 per year
The average truck driver salary in Australia is $61,630 per year or $31.61 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $56,459 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $79,960 per year.

How much does a truck driver make in Australia?

The average truck driver salary in Australia is $61,630 per year or $31.61 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $56,550 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $79,960 per year.

How big is the transport and logistics sector in Australia?

Click Here to see all results. This page provides information and data on the Transport and Logistics sector, which is a component of the Transport industry. The Transport and Logistics sector in Australia has an estimated annual revenue of $102.87 billion, with an operating profit of $10.14 billion in 2018.

Is the trucking industry in Australia similar to North America?

However, the issues affecting our trucking industry are very similar. Australia has a population of approximately 24.5 million. North America has a population of about 324 million people. While both countries are very similar in land mass, Australia’s population resides mostly on the eastern coast.

What do Australians think of Austrian Truckers?

However, Australia still has their share of cowboys who will always feel the need to break the law. The average car drivers in Australia, sees Austrian truckers as big bad road menaces, who should not be allowed to driver on the roads. The media in Australia also loves to bash the truckers every chance they get.

What is long haul trucking in Australia?

Long haul trucking runs are to Perth in the west and Darwin in the north. Most of the big ports and manufacturers are located in Melbourne and Sydney. They are the main freight corridors which carry the highest volume of heavy vehicle traffic. Anyone in Australia who has a car license can pay a fee at a driving school.