Where should I file my I-485?

You may file Form I-485 and Form I-140 together at the USCIS Dallas Lockbox.

Where to mail i 130 and i-485?

I-130/I-485 Concurrent Filing

U.S. Postal Service Express Mail and Courier:
USCIS Attn: I-130 P.O. Box 650264 Dallas, TX 75265-0264 USCIS Attn: I-130 (Box 650264) 2501 S. State Hwy, 121 Business Suite 400 Lewisville, TX 75067-8003

Can I file I-485 from abroad?

4. Can I file Form I-485 from outside the U.S.? Your spouse or relative must be physically in the United States to file Form I-485. If they are outside the United States, then they may be eligible to apply using consular processing.

How do I submit I-485?

You can file Form I-485 either online or by mail. To submit your form online, you should create a MyUSCIS account on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) website. You can then receive all updates on your application through your alien registration number (a-number).

How do you file I-140 and i-485 together?

Yes, once a Receipt Notice for the I-140 is issued, the I-485 can be filed along with this Receipt Notice and the petition and application will be matched up. This strategy may be advisable if the I-140 is ready to file, but the supporting documentation for the I-485 is not ready.

Can I file I-130 and I-485 at the same time?

As mentioned earlier, if there is a visa number already available when you are filing, you can file your application and petition at the same time. The process of concurrent filing I-130 and I-485 is always available for all immediate relatives of U.S. citizens. There is no numeric limitation.

Where do I send my I-130 form?

Domestic petitioners will now mail their stand-alone I-130 applications to either the Chicago Lockbox or the Phoenix Lockbox, depending on their residence in the United States. This effort will balance workloads between the two locations and provide more efficient and effective processing of Form I-130.

Can I file I-130 online and I-485 by mail?

You can file Form I-130 online even if your relative is in the United States and will file their Form I-485 by mail. Once you submit your Form I-130 online, we will send a receipt notice to your USCIS online account.

Can I file I-140 and I-485 concurrently?

Can I file I-140 and I-485 concurrently? Yes, for some cases, USCIS does allow for the concurrent filing of Form I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker and Form I-485 Adjustment of Status application for employment-based green card preference categories, including EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3.

What is i-485 and I-140?

Concurrent filing, which became permissible under an interim rule announced on July 31, 2002, allows persons applying for permanent residence to submit the Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, either along with a Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, or after the I‑140 is …

What documents do I send with I-485?

Supporting Documents to Submit with Form I-485 A birth certificate, copy of your passport, photos and a Notice of Action may also be required with your application.