What is the most common road sign in the UK?

The give way sign is one of the most common in the UK – it’s a circle with a red border that contains two arrows – red pointing upwards and black downwards. It is used to warn road users that the traffic at the junction ahead have priority.

What does the black triangle road sign mean?

A pedestrian zone. Sign up to view official DVSA explanations and references to this question. Explanation: When a diversion route has been put in place, drivers are advised to follow a symbol, which may be a black triangle, square, circle or diamond shape on a yellow background.

What are the different types of road signs?

Regulatory signs display the rules governing a stretch of roadway.

  • Warning signs inform motorists of upcoming hazards on the roadway.
  • Guide signs tell drivers where they are,which locations are nearby or how to reach their destination.
  • Construction signs highlight work zones,road closures or detours.
  • What are all the road signs?

    Warning traffic signs.

  • Advanced warning of major roads
  • General-purpose warning signs.
  • Warning Signs for Schools and Kids
  • Tram signs
  • Warning signs for road works.
  • Information plates at road works
  • Manual traffic control signs at roads
  • Regulatory traffic signs.
  • Manual traffic control sign at road works.
  • What are some road signs?

    Traffic Warning Signs

  • Object Markers
  • Railroad Signs
  • Crossing Signs
  • Dead End
  • Construction Signs
  • Speed Bump
  • What are the most useless road signs?

    Every street sign has a word or number (Ok,that’s a smarty pants answer)

  • Stop signs
  • One Way
  • Yield
  • Do Not Enter
  • Children At Play
  • Deaf Child Area
  • Slow Children (which I personally find offensive)
  • Speed Limit
  • Workers Ahead