What is the American version of Holden?

Chevrolet SS
Holden will export its big sedan to North America, in reasonably grunty form, to be re-badged as the Chevrolet SS. The Commodore will take on America’s showrooms, as well as the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

Is Holden made in America?

Holden, formerly known as General Motors-Holden, was an Australian automobile marque owned by General Motors and as well a former automobile manufacturer, which manufactured cars in Australia before switching to importing cars under the Holden brand. It was headquartered in Port Melbourne.

Is there Holden in America?

They never officially came to America, and even unofficially, they’re incredibly rare. My experiences with them are aggressively minimal. And yet I hate to see them go, mostly because they were, of all the cars made across the globe, the closest equivalent to a long-lost sibling that American cars ever had.

What is the VE Commodore called in USA?

Holden Commodore (VE)
Also called Holden Berlina Holden Calais Holden Ute HSV E Series Chevrolet Lumina (Middle East and South Africa) Chevrolet Omega (Brazil) Pontiac G8 (USA) Vauxhall VXR8 (UK) CSV CR8
Production July 2006 – May 2013 (sedan) August 2007 – May 2013 (utility) July 2008 – May 2013 (wagon)

When did the Holden FE come out in Australia?

Holden FE. The Holden FE is an automobile produced by Holden in Australia from 1956 to 1958. It was also the first Holden to be assembled in New Zealand, where General Motors New Zealand built their first example on 31 January 1957.

When did Holden start making Ute’s?

The release of the FX utility signified the beginning of a new era for Holden that continues until at least 2014 with the newly released VF Commodore ute. The idea for a ute is understood to have begun in the 1930’s when Ford built the first “coupe ute” in 1934 at their Victoria plant in Melbourne.

What is the difference between a Holden FE and FJ?

The FE models were built on a longer wheelbase than the FJ series Holdens which they replaced, and they featured totally different styling, the FJ models having used a body shape carried over from the original Holden 48-215 series introduced in 1948.

When did the Holden FE panel van come out?

Two station wagon models, the Holden Standard Station Sedan and the Holden Special Station Sedan were released in March 1957, marking the first time that Holden had included a wagon in its range since the marque was introduced in 1948. The FE Panel Van replaced its FJ predecessor in May 1957, bringing the FE range up to its full complement