Who is the present meteorologist for Chennai?

Regional Meteorological Centre, Chennai

Agency overview
Status Operational
Headquarters New Delhi 13°4′7.3″N 80°14′48.33″E
Agency executive S. Balachandran, DDGM (Scientist ‘F’)
Parent department IMD

What is the name of a weather person?

: a person who reports and forecasts the weather : meteorologist.

Who is Ramanan in Tamil Nadu?

S R Ramanan is an Indian meteorologist. He worked as the Director of Cyclone warning centre in Chennai, Indian state of Tamil Nadu. He serves on the advisory committee of the centre for climate change and adoption research, Anna University, Chennai. He became popular in social media.

Who is John Pradeep?

They don’t say, ‘If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life’ for nothing and making this message loud and clear to parents is Chennai-based John Pradeep JL, who is India’s first theatre-based life coach for children and parents.

Who is Tamilnadu weather reporter?

Pradeep John
Pradeep John (பிரதீப் ஜான்), popularly known as the Tamil Nadu Weatherman, is an Indian amateur weather forecasting enthusiast and blogger from Tamil Nadu.

Who is weatherman Tamilnadu?

What is depression rainfall?

A depression is a weather term meaning an area of low pressure, wind, cloud and usually rain.

Who is Ramanan?

And one MeT department official in particular has become something of a cult figure in Chennai, and he is none other than S. R. Ramanan. After completing his master’s degree in Annamalai University, he received his PhD from the Madras University in the field of Agricultural Climatology.

Who is the famous weatherman of Tamil Nadu?

Ramanan retired in July 2016 after 36 years as a weatherman. He is most often called by “Rain Man Ramanan”, “Word of Rain”, “God of Students”, “Mazhayin Mahathma”, “Kadalora Maavata Kadavul” and “Minnalin Jannal”. Ramanan is a post graduate in physics from Annamalai University.

Is Rajeev Ramanan married?

He is married to Anuradha Ramanan, a translator and former librarian. They have two daughters, Sumana Ramanan, a journalist, and Kavita Ramanan, a noted mathematician who is a professor of applied mathematics at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island . I. Biswas & S. Ramanan (1994).