What is manual lymph drainage (MLD)?

Manual Lymph drainage (MLD), is a technique developed by the Vodders (Dr. Emil Vodder and his wife, Estrid) in 1936 in Paris for treatment of swollen lymph nodes[1]. Lymphatic diseases, especially lymphedema, represent a serious problem in the health community[2].

What is the Dr Vodder manual lymphatic drainage technique?

The Dr Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Technique. Developed in France in 1932 by Dr Emil Vodder and his wife Estrid Vodder. MLD has grown to be the internationally most well known manual technique to assist lymph flow, aid in drainage of tissues and reduce swelling (oedema).

What is Manman manual lymphatic drainage?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is an advanced therapy in which the practitioner uses a range of specialised and gentle rhythmic pumping techniques to move the skin in the direction of the lymph flow. This stimulates the lymphatic vessels which carry substances vital to the defence of the body and removes waste products.

What is venous flow during manual lymphatic drainage?

Venous flow during manual lymphatic drainage applied to different regions of the lower extremity in people with and without chronic venous insufficiency: a cross-sectional study.Physiotherapy. 2016 Feb 1. pii: S0031-9406 (16)00023-7. ↑ 5.0 5.1 Lymphoedema Framework.

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What is the history of manual lymphatic drainage?

Dr Asdonk created the first list of clinical medical indications for lymphatic conditions making them recognisable. In 1966 Gunther Wittlinger became aware of the Dr Vodder method and together with Dr Vodder and Dr Asdonk they founded the Association of Dr Vodder’s Manual Lymphatic Drainage in 1967 and the Vodder School in 1972.