Is February a good time to go to Jamaica?

February and March are Jamaica’s driest months with the least amount of rainfall. These months fall smack in the middle of peak season. Overall, there’ll be less rainfall in Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, compared to Negril. This shouldn’t scare you away from this amazing beach paradise though!

Is Jamaica hot in February?

With average temperatures of 25°C in the daytime, February is a warm month in Jamaica. At the peak of the day temperatures reach a high of 28°, with lows of 21°C after dark, so make sure you pack your sun cream. The island experiences around 30mm of rain during the month, with around eight wet days in total.

What is the best month to go to Montego Bay Jamaica?

The best time to go to Montego Bay is during the high season from December to April, if you are willing to pay the high rates, or during October and November, when both costs and crowds are smaller.

What is the coldest month in Montego Bay Jamaica?

Temperatures in Jamaica Montego Bay sees its warmest days in July, with a maximum temperature of 91°F, while the ‘coldest’ period is over the month of January, at 82°F. Negril generally hottest in July, Negril averages a maximum temperature of 86°F, and is coldest in January at 82°F.

Is Jamaica cloudy in February?

There is a 68% chance of a perfect sunny day and a 32% chance of seeing a mixture of sunshine and clouds with an average 32mm of rainfall this month.

Is Jamaica windy in February?

The average hourly wind speed in Montego Bay is essentially constant during February, remaining within 0.2 miles per hour of 12.7 miles per hour throughout.

What is the cheapest time to travel to Jamaica?

When is the cheapest time to book a trip to Jamaica? Jamaica off-season is the cheapest. It is during the months May, June, September, October, and November. These months are usually the rainy season in Jamaica although the country gets ample sunshine and nice tropical weather during these months.

How long is flight to Jamaica?

Key facts

Language: English, Patois
Time zone: GMT -5 hours
Flight time: 10 hours 15 mins
Airport code: MBJ
Holiday type: Beach / Summer Sun / Winter Sun