Is Minecraft Monday discontinued?

What ended Minecraft Monday? Minecraft Monday came to an abrupt end in November of 2019. This was due to the server that the event was hosted on being hacked in the middle of a tournament.

How much money do you get from Minecraft Monday?

The event split the players into teams of two and originally featured rounds of Minecraft Hunger Games before adopting other games, such as spleef, in later weeks. Members of the winning team split prize money, which was $10,000 in the first two weeks and $5,000 in subsequent weeks.

Who has the highest wins in Minecraft Mondays?

Week 10. In week 10, Technoblade teamed with Ph1LzA. The team won first place with 1,892 points, setting a record for the highest number of points gained by any team on any Minecraft Monday. Technoblade also won first place individually with 1,080 points, beating the highest individual record of the event.

Who won every Minecraft Monday?

Minecraft Monday Winners Quiz Stats

Week Winners % Correct
Week One Technoblade & ShotGunRaids 98.8%
Week Two Technoblade & iBallisticSquid 98.6%
Week Six Technoblade & jschlatt 98.6%
Week Ten Technoblade & Ph1lza 98.6%

Who was in Minecraft Monday Week 2?

Minecraft Monday Week 2 was the second week of Minecraft Monday….Teams.

Team Members
Team 1 James Charles and PewDiePie
Team 2 Grandayy and DolanDark420
Team 3 Technoblade and iBallisticSquid
Team 4 Vikkstar123 and MrSavage

Who won Mc Monday 7?


What is the Minecraft Monday show?

Let The Madness Begin – Minecraft Monday Show Ep:1 The Minecraft Monday Show is an ongoing YouTube series by Bebopvox. The first episode was uploaded on the channel on February 11th 2011 with new episodes on a weekly basis. The playlist can be found here. The show is presented in real life by BebopVox.

What was Week 1 of Minecraft Monday?

Week 1 was the first week of Minecraft Monday. It consisted of twenty-two teams and forty-two players. The weeks winners were Technoblade and ShotGunRaids.

How to join a Minecraft Monday server?

This is the current version that the Minecraft Monday server runs on. After creating the new installation, use it to log into the game. You can then go into the multiplayer option and choose to join the server as normal. For those who don’t know, the server IP is “” Type that in, click connect, and you should join the server.