Can you swim in Big Lake AZ?

If you are someone who has a passion for the outdoors and enjoys camping, fishing, swimming, hiking, riding horses, rock climbing and water sports, then this is where the summer fun can be found. Big Lake, with over 600 acres of 30 foot deep water, certainly does live up to its name.

Is Big Lake AZ Open 2021?

Area Status: Open Big Lake itself is 575 acres, and makes a convenient base for other local lakes like Crescent Lake, Lee Valley Lake and the East and West Forks of the Black River.

Is Big Lake on the Indian reservation?

Big Lake is in Apache County and is managed by the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests….Big Lake (Arizona)

Big Lake
Coordinates 33°53′4.80″N 109°24′54.88″WCoordinates: 33°53′4.80″N 109°24′54.88″W
Basin countries United States
Surface area 450 acres (180 ha)
Average depth 16 ft (4.9 m)

Can you swim in Luna Lake?

The lake is covered in thick green sludge, a seasonal algal bloom that discourages swimming or even kayaking.

What is the cleanest lake in Arizona?

Lynx Lake is a pristine oasis within Prescott National Forest, and it’s widely regarded to have some of the clearest water in Arizona.

Is Big Lake open now?

Big Lake is considered by many as the best fishing lake in the White Mountains area. Facilities are open mid-April to mid-November.

What kind of fish are in Luna Lake AZ?

Fish and amphibians: Present in and around the lake are rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, brook trout, and mountain treefrog.

Is Luna Lake AZ open?

Area Status: Open Luna Lake Recreation Area is a pleasant, rustic, vacation neighborhood with open Ponderosa pine groves, lush meadows, a lake with great fishing, first rate mountain scenery and a non-motorized trail system open to horse, bicycle and pedestrian travel.

What lakes in Arizona allow swimming?

7 Swimming Spots With The Clearest, Most Pristine Water In…

  • Fossil Creek. Greg Walters/Flickr.
  • Grasshopper Point. Christine Riggle/Flickr.
  • Hutch’s Pool. Gamecat235-2/Flickr.
  • Knoll Lake. Mike Purchine/Flickr.
  • Lake Mohave. Akshay Axe/Flickr.
  • Mooney Falls. Alexander Wrege/Flickr.
  • West Clear Creek.

Is Big Lake Open in Arizona?

Are there showers in Big Lake recreation area?

Two campgrounds give tent campers the entire campground all to themselves. A visitor center and naturalist programs offer plenty of knowledge about the area. Currently, showers are closed at all locations within Big Lake Recreation Area. Map showing recreational areas. Map Information

Where is Big Lake AZ?

Location & Description. Big Lake is located about 25 miles south of Springerville, Arizona in the Arizona White Mountains.

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Where is Bigbig Lake?

Big Lake is located about 25 miles south of Springerville, Arizona in the Arizona White Mountains.