Who is Hayden in Montana 1948?

Wesley Hayden is the town sheriff and David’s father. Wesley is a complex character. On one hand, he perpetuates the stereotyping of Native Americans in his town, teaching his son that they are lazy and ignorant. He also has to be forced into action when he learns of his brother’s crimes against women.

What is David’s grandfather’s name in Montana 1948?

David’s horse, who lives at Grandpa Hayden’s house. When Julian becomes outraged at Wesley for arresting Frank, David is primarily worried about never seeing Nutty again.

Who is Marie Little Soldier?

David’s caretaker. Marie is a vibrant Sioux woman with a great sense of humor whom David loves deeply. The Haydens consider her a member of their family, yet she sleeps in a servant’s room off the kitchen even though there is a free bedroom upstairs.

Who was David’s father 1948?

David’s father, Wesley, is the local sheriff and begins to investigate these allegations against his brother, but is in a difficult situation between his loyalty to his family and his obligation to justice.

How did David’s mother feel about Wesley’s job as sheriff?

Should he stay loyal to his family or uphold the moral values that he must stand by as the towns Sheriff? Gail, David’s mother, embodies all the virtues of morality that we all stand by and she is appalled by Frank’s behaviour and demands that he be persecuted regardless of his relationship with Wes.

Who are the main characters in the book Montana 1948?

Montana 1948 Character List. 1 Wesley “Wes” Hayden. Wesley is one of the main characters in the novel. The narrator’s father, he’s also the sheriff in the small town where the 2 Frank Hayden/Dr. Hayden. 3 Gail Hayden. 4 David “Davy” Hayden/The narrator. 5 Marie Little Soldier.

How old was David Hayden when he wrote Montana?

Montana 1948. David Hayden David Hayden, a 12 year old narrator, 52 before flashback. This novel was written from 1st person perspective. David lived in Bentrock, the only town in the region, holding less than 2,000 people. David is a very shy but serious young boy who was very curious as to what went on around him.

Who is Wesley Hayden’s brother in Montana 1948?

-Frank Hayden is Wesley Hayden’s brother who acts as an antagonist in Montana 1948. Frank was the favored child between Wesley and himself. Tall, handsome, and athletic, Frank Hayden was a star athlete in both college and high school, honored and decorated war veteran, highly revered doctor in Bentrock.

Who said these Montana 1948 quotes?

The Montana 1948 quotes below are all either spoken by David Hayden or refer to David Hayden. For each quote, you can also see the other characters and themes related to it (each theme is indicated by its own dot and icon, like this one: ).