Who designed the Lunar Module on Apollo 11?

Thomas J. Kelly
Structurally and aerodynamically incapable of flight through Earth’s atmosphere, the two-stage lunar module was ferried to lunar orbit attached to the Apollo command and service module (CSM), about twice its mass….Apollo Lunar Module.

Manufacturer Grumman
Designer Thomas J. Kelly
Country of origin United States
Operator NASA

Who manufactured Apollo 11?

To the Moon: Grumman, the company that built Apollo 11’s Lunar Module.

Who designed the Apollo lunar lander?

Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp.
The Apollo lunar module (LM-13) was developed by the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp. (now Northrop Grumman). The LM’s main functions were to carry two astronauts from lunar orbit to the moon’s surface, and then return them to lunar orbit to rendezvous and dock with the Apollo command-service modules.

Who built the lunar rover?

Built by Boeing, each LRV has a mass of 460 pounds (210 kg) without payload.

What Did Neil Armstrong do on the Moon?

At 10:56 p.m. EDT, American astronaut Neil Armstrong, 240,000 miles from Earth, speaks these words to more than a billion people listening at home: “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” Stepping off the lunar landing module Eagle, Armstrong became the first human to walk on the surface of the …

Is Aquarius still in orbit?

Apollo 10 jettisoned its lunar module Snoopy into solar orbit where it remains today. Apollo 13 used its lunar module Aquarius as a lifeboat on the trip back to Earth leaving it to burn up in the atmosphere during reentry.

Is Neil Armstrong dead?

August 25, 2012Neil Armstrong / Date of death

Who built the original lunar lander?

Grumman Aerospace
Built by Grumman Aerospace on Long Island, N.Y., the spacecraft had two major parts: the descent stage and the ascent stage, which were carried to lunar orbit by the companion Command Service Module (CSM), a separate spacecraft of approximately twice the mass of the LM that carried the astronauts to and from Earth.

Who were the three astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission?

The Apollo 11 crew consisted of three men.

  • Neil Armstrong – Mission Commander.
  • Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin – lunar module pilot.
  • Michael Collins – command module pilot.

How many lunar rovers were built?

Four lunar rovers
Four lunar rovers were built, one each for Apollos 15, 16, qnd 17, and one that was used for spare parts after the cancellation of further Apollo missions.

Who invented the lunar rover or Moon Buggy?

engineer Eduardo San Juan
Mechanical engineer Eduardo San Juan (aka The Space Junkman) worked on the team that invented the Lunar Rover, or Moon Buggy. San Juan is considered the primary designer of the Lunar Rover. He was also the designer of the Articulated Wheel System.

How long did it take the Apollo 11 astronauts to get to the moon?

three days, three hours and 49 minutes
It took the Apollo 11 astronauts three days, three hours and 49 minutes to reach the moon, but they returned in two days, 22 hours and 56 minutes.

What was the name of the Apollo 11 lunar module?

Apollo 11 Lunar Module / EASEP. NSSDCA/COSPAR ID: 1969-059C. The Apollo 11 Lunar Module (LM) “Eagle” was the first crewed vehicle to land on the Moon. It carried two astronauts, Commander Neil A. Armstrong and LM pilot Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr., the first men to walk on the Moon.

How long did the Apollo 11 take to reach the Moon?

The Lunar Module “Eagle” took off from the lunar surface at 17:54:01 UT on July 21, after spending 21 hours, 36 minutes on the Moon’s surface. Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin spent approximately two hours outside the Lunar Module, setting up experiments and collecting lunar samples. Apollo 11 Mission to the Moon.

Where did Neil Armstrong land the Apollo 11 on the Moon?

Neil Armstrong lands the Apollo 11 Lunar Module Eagle on the Moon, July 20, 1969, creating Tranquility Base. Starts approximately 6200 feet from the surface. David Scott lands Apollo 15 Lunar Module Falcon on the Moon on July 30, 1971, seen from the perspective of the Lunar Module Pilot.

What is the significance of the Apollo 11?

Apollo 11. Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that landed the first two people on the Moon. Mission commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin, both American, landed the lunar module Eagle on July 20, 1969, at 20:17 UTC.