What is the difference between Keurig K150 and K155?

The difference between the Keurig K150 and the Keurig K155 is that the Keurig K150 offers one more brew cup size than the Keurig K155. The K150 allows you to brew 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 ounce brew sizes, whereas the K155 only allows you to brew 4, 6, 8, and 10 ounce cups.

How do I change the filter in my Keurig K150?

Install a Water Filter Kit on Keurig B150, K150, B155, K155, K150P, B150P, K3000, K3000SE, B3000, K4000 Brewers

  1. Make Sure You Have All the Parts Handy.
  2. Attach the HEAD UNIT to the BRACKET with the (4) SCREWS.
  3. Remove the YELLOW cap from the top of the WATER FILTER.
  4. Attach the WATER FILTER to the bottom of the HEAD UNIT.

Does the Keurig K155 have a filter?

Sold by Coffee & Filters Direct, Inc and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. In Stock. Sold by Coffee & Filters Direct, Inc and ships from Amazon Fulfillment….

Material Polypropylene
Duration 6 months
External Testing Certification ANSI, NSF
Brand PureWater Filters

Does Keurig K155 have a water line?

To enjoy the full convenience of the Keurig 150 and 155 brewer, use this direct plumb kit to attach the brewer directly to your water line. Never fill up an empty water tank again.

Does a Keurig K150 have a filter?

Replacement filter for the Keurig B150, K150, B150P, K150P, B155, K155, K2500, K3000, K3000SE, B3000, B3000SE, and Keurig Bolt brewing systems.

Who does the Keurig commercial?

James Corden
Keurig’s latest commercial promotes the K-Duo, which the spokesperson — talk show host James Corden — says “makes any occasion the perfect coffee occasion.” The spot features a giant spinner wheel that has suggestions such as “breakfast in bed” and “book club,” and Corden illustrates how the appliance works.

What is the Keurig K150 commercial coffee maker?

Designed for small to medium sized businesses, and durably built to perform day in and day out, the K150 Commercial Coffee Maker delivers beverages everyone will love. Keurig has redefined brewing by combining state-of-the-art brewer technology with unique K-Cup pods.

Is the Kenmore K150 ready for plumbing?

All of the same great features of the K150. Ready for plumbing right out of the box. Styled to impress, this brewer offers the features that everyone will value.

How many cup sizes does the K150 have?

Both of the K150 models have 5 choices for cup size. Both K150 models have a mostly black cabinet

What is a fully programmable Keurig?

Fully programmable Keurig ® brewers with an interactive touch-screen that allows for customizable brew experience. Ideal for medium volume use. NSF certified for use in foodservice.