What happens if a parolee violates the terms of supervision?

When a person on parole is alleged to have violated the terms or conditions of the parole supervision agreement, the Division of Probation and Parole may request that the Board issue a warrant for the person on parole’s arrest and return to prison.

Does the Pennsylvania parole board have jurisdiction over counties with adult supervision?

With the exception of Mercer and Venango Counties – where the Mercer District Parole Office oversees these counties – the Pennsylvania Parole Board does not have jurisdiction over the individual county probation and parole offices for adult supervision.

What is discretionary parole in Virginia?

Discretionary parole was abolished in Virginia for felonies committed in 1995 or after, requiring offenders to serve at least 85% of their sentences with the ability to earn good-time credits toward an early release date. However, some offenders are eligible for parole consideration if they meet certain criteria.

What is the Virginia Parole Board (VPB)?

The Virginia Parole Board (VPB) handles all parole decisions, policies, and rulings. Learn more about who is eligible and how the parole process works on the VPB website.

When does the Parole Board review my case?

At any time during a person’s parole supervision, the Parole Board may review his or her case. The review may be the result of recommendations from parole agents, a request from the person on parole, or occasionally from an outside source.

How effective is probation and parole supervision for reducing recidivism?

Evaluation outcomes from six separate studies have shown that this methodology significantly reduces recidivism for both probationers and parolees and reduces institutional infractions when used in institutional settings.