Who fought at Rotterdam WW2?

Battle of Rotterdam
Netherlands United Kingdom Germany
Commanders and leaders
Col. P. W. Scharroo Major Clifford Brazier Gen. Kurt Student ( WIA )

Who destroyed Rotterdam in WW2?

Germany invaded the Netherlands on May 10, 1940. Four days later, German planes bombed Rotterdam. The Germans tried to halt the raid on the city because Dutch authorities had agreed to negotiate the surrender of their country.

Why did Germans bomb Rotterdam?

The objective was to support the German troops fighting in the city, break Dutch resistance and force the Dutch army to surrender. Almost the entire historic city centre was destroyed, nearly 900 people were killed and 85,000 more were left homeless.

Did Allies bomb Rotterdam?

An attack on the city of Rotterdam on 31 March 1943, was made by 102 USAAF bombers. Their target was the shipyards and dock area, in the west of Rotterdam. The bombing took place at 12:25 (BST) in cloudy conditions and only 33 B-17’s dropped 99 tons of bombs.

What happened in Rotterdam in WW2?

Rotterdam was subjected to heavy aerial bombardment by the Luftwaffe on 14 May 1940 during the German invasion of the Netherlands in World War II. The event is sometimes referred to as the Rotterdam Blitz.

How many people died in the Battle of Rotterdam?

Dutch and British sources informed the public through Allied and international news media that the raid on Rotterdam had been on an open city in which 30,000 civilians were killed (the real number was around 900) “and character [ised] the German demolition of the old city as an act of unmitigated barbarism”.

How many people died in WW2?

Over 60 million people were killed, which was about 3% of the 1940 world population (est. 2.3 billion). Military deaths from all causes totalled 21 to 25 million, including deaths in captivity of about 5 million prisoners of war.

How did Germany take over the Netherlands in WW2?

While he failed to meet that goal, German forces took over the country May 15th, one day after the Bombings on Rotterdam, which decimated the city. Rotterdam lacked robust defense systems that you would find in other cities and bases, but it did have more troops and artillery on hand for the battle.