Is Muntingia calabura a medicinal plant?

One of the plants that has recently gained a medicinal plantstatus is Muntingia calabura L. (Elaeocarpaceae). Muntingia, or Jamaica Cherry, is a small, fast-growing tree that can reach up to 40 ft. tall at full maturity.

How do Muntingia calabura avoid pollinator interference?

Flower and fruit movements in Muntingia calabura: a possible mechanism for avoidance of pollinator-disperser interference. Biotropica, 16 (1), 37-42. doi: 10.2307/2387892

What is a Muntingia tree?

Muntingia, or JamaicaCherry, is a small, fast growing tree that can reach up to 40 ft. tall at full maturity. The soft leaves are evergreen and have an alternate phyllotaxy.

What is the best book on Muntingiaceae?

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