What art can you do with toilet paper rolls?

20 things to do with … toilet paper rolls

  • DIY gift boxes.
  • Wall art.
  • Crafty flowers.
  • Bird feeder.
  • Hanging heart decorations.
  • Seedling containers.
  • Party crowns.
  • Cable storage.

How do you make flowers out of paper towel rolls?


  1. 1Gather some TP rolls. Collect some toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls.
  2. 2Divide the TP roll into sections.
  3. 3Flatten the TP roll.
  4. 4Cut into sections.
  5. The resulting sections will be the flower’s petals.
  6. 5Prime the petals.
  7. 6Let the white paint dry.
  8. 7Paint with the final color.

Can you use toilet rolls for crafts?

Toilet paper rolls are safe for making crafts. The risk of getting or spreading diseases is minimal. A few precautions like flushing the toilet with the lid closed, washing your hands before and after crafting, and not touching your face when working with the tubes are enough.

How do you make a toilet paper flower?

Steps to Make the Toilet Paper Roll Flowers

  1. Paint the toilet paper rolls using green paint.
  2. Cut out your leaves, approximately 4” long using green construction paper.
  3. Glue the leaves to the front of the toilet paper rolls.
  4. Using different colored paper, cut out different flower shapes like tulips and daisies.

How to put toilet paper on the roll?

This infographic suggests that you use less paper when you drape the end over the top of the roll, simply because it’s easier to see. You also don’t have to reach as far to grab the paper, and if you buy toilet paper with a pattern printed on it, it appears on the over-the-top side.

How to make a miniature toilet paper roll?

Trace a simple design onto a sheet of thin cardboard.

  • Cut the design out. Use the design to trace another identical design on another thin sheet of cardboard.
  • Cut a long strip of thin cardboard. The strip needs to be about 1½ inches (3.8 centimeters) wide,and long enough to wrap around the perimeter of your design.
  • What are some crafts to do with toilet paper rolls?

    Desk Organizer. Have you dealt with constant mess and chaos on the desk?

  • Small Gift Boxes. Do you know that you can actually make gift boxes from these unused rolls?
  • Wearable Crafts.
  • Fire Breathing Dragons.
  • Honeycomb Wall Décor.
  • Animal Crafts.
  • A Treat Bucket.
  • The Wall Slots.
  • Fun and Cute Binoculars.
  • Others Toilet Paper Roll Crafts.
  • How to make a bowl out of toilet paper roll?

    – A toilet paper roll. Paper towel rolls actually work just as well, and they are a lot longer so this can even offer more of that classic, traditional “steamroller” vibe. – A piece of tin foil. – A sharp object (like a pen) which you can use to break a hole through the toilet paper roll.