Are blue or green eyes more rare?

Green is the rarest eye color of the more common colors. Outside of a few exceptions, nearly everyone has eyes that are brown, blue, green or somewhere in between. Other colors like gray or hazel are less common.

How rare are blue and green eyes?

Part of the reason they hold our attention is because they are extremely rare. While the science is somewhat scattered, the current research suggests that only around 3-5% of the human population has true blue green eyes. That’s pretty amazing when you consider there’s over 7 billion people on the planet.

Are blue eyes more rare than green eyes?

Iris color is determined by our parents’ eye colors mixed with a little genetic lottery. Green irises have an uncommon melanin level — less than “truly” brown eyes, but more than blue eyes. This is why green eyes are so unique. And while 9% is indeed rare, green eyes have an even lower eye color percentage across the globe.

Which is better blue or green eyes?

Between 8 and 10 percent of people worldwide have blue eyes.

  • Blue eyes are most common in Europe,especially Scandinavia.
  • People with blue eyes have the same genetic mutation that causes eyes to produce less melanin.
  • The mutation first appeared in a person living in Europe about 10,000 years ago.
  • What is more dominant, green or blue eyes?

    So you will have brown eyes with either BB or Bb and blue eyes with bb. For gene 2, there are two possibilities, green or blue. Green is dominant over blue and so G usually represents green and b, blue. Green eyes, then, can be GG or Gb while blue eyes are bb.

    What ethnicity has green eyes?

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