Does the apostrophe go after the S if its plural?

To recap, usually if the noun is singular, the apostrophe will go before the s, but if the noun happens to be plural, the apostrophe will go after the s.

Is James’s singular or plural?

James’s car or James’ car? Actually, both ways are correct. If a proper name ends with an s, you can add just the apostrophe or an apostrophe and an s. See the examples below for an illustration of this type of possessive noun.

How do I put the apostrophe after the s?

Use an apostrophe when showing possession If the plural of the word is formed by adding an “s” (for example, cats), place the apostrophe after the “s” (see guideline #3 below). If the plural of the word is formed without adding an “s” (for example, children), add apostrophe “s” (‘s) as you would to the singular form.

Is it residents or resident’s?

If you chose program’s (possessive of “program”) and residents (plural of “resident”), you’re correct! Here’s a bonus apostrophe rule about the pronoun “it”: the contraction “it’s” means “it is,” but the possessive of “it” is “its”—no apostrophe in sight. The apostrophe lesson’s examples are its most useful part.

When to put an apostrophe after s?

(1) To show possession. a dog’s kennel our boys’ bedroom

  • (2) To write time expressions. a day’s pay two weeks’ holiday
  • (3) To replace letters in contractions. can’t isn’t
  • (4) To show awkward plurals.
  • When would you use apostrophe after s?

    Using an apostrophe after the “s” at the end of a word usually occurs when trying to add possession to a noun. Adding another “s” after the apostrophe can look awkward if the word already ends with the letter. Using an apostrophe correctly after a word that ends with “s” is completely dependent upon whether the possession of the noun is

    When to put after s?

    AP Style Rules. Proper nouns ending in ‘s’ are made possessive by adding an apostrophe only.

  • Chicago Style Rules. Both proper nouns and singular common nouns ending in ‘s’ are made possessive by adding an apostrophe and an ‘s’.
  • NOTE: According to the LA Times,“individual news outlets sometimes adopt their own variations of this rule.”
  • How to use apostrophes after ‘s’ names?

    the 2020 ’ s

  • committee report ’ s
  • newer 747 ’ s
  • fresh avocado ’ s