What are second syllable stressed words?

Four Syllables: 2nd Syllable Stressed The stress in four syllable words is either on the second or third syllable. The second syllable is generally stressed if the word ends in “-cy”, “-ty”, “-phy”, “-gy” or “-al”.

Is the stress on the first or second syllable?

Word Stress For Two-Syllable Words If the word is a two-syllable noun, we usually place the stress on the FIRST syllable. If the word is a two-syllable adjective, as with two-syllable nouns, we usually place the stress on the FIRST syllable.

What syllable is second?

Wondering why second is 2 syllables?

What is secondary stress and example?

For example, secondary stress is said to arise in compound words like vacuum cleaner, where the first syllable of vacuum has primary stress, while the first syllable of cleaner is usually said to have secondary stress.

What is a 2 syllable example?

Let’s take a look at what syllables are and some common two syllable word lists!…2 Syllable Words for Kindergarten.

Panda Number
Again Pizza
People Water
Happy Pumpkin
Christmas Woman

How do you know which syllable is stressed?

It is l-o-n-g-e-r – com p-u-ter.

  • It is LOUDER – comPUTer.
  • It has a change in pitch from the syllables coming before and afterwards.
  • It is said more clearly -The vowel sound is purer.
  • It uses larger facial movements – Look in the mirror when you say the word.
  • How many syllables are in the word stressed?

    Indicating syllables in writing. In this section,we’ll be using different symbols to indicate syllable division in words.

  • Primary vs. secondary stress.
  • Determining word stress. Only the vowel sound within a syllable is stressed; stress is not applied to consonant sounds.
  • How to recognize stressed and unstressed syllables?

    Hold your fingers against the bottom of your chin. Say the word in your normal,everyday,relaxed way.

  • Try ‘humming’ the word and see which syllable you hum the loudest.
  • If you are still unsure,say the word multiple times and stress a different syllable each time: the first one,then the second one.
  • What are some examples of stressed and unstressed syllables?


  • a.BBRE.vi.a.ted
  • au.tho.ri.TA.ri.an
  • a.MEN.ded
  • WON.der.ful
  • al.THOUGH
  • GE.ni.us
  • in.CRE.di.bly
  • frus.TRA.ting
  • al.THOUGH you are a GE.ni.us you are in.CRE.di.bly frus.TRA.ting