Who invented upper cut?

Samuel Elias, also known as “Dutch Sam”, is credited with creating this punch originally called an “undercut”.

Which shot of Sachin is famous?

His iconic uppercut shot against Shoaib Akhtar in the 2003 world cup is still talked about. Recently Tendulkar disclosed the story behind the invention of his uppercut shot. In a new video for 100 MB, one of his fans asked Tendulkar about his famous unorthodox shot.

What is upper cut shot in cricket?

Upper cut. An upper cut is a shot played towards third man, usually hit when the ball is pitched outside the off stump with an extra bounce. It is a dangerous shot which can edge the ball to keeper or slips if not executed correctly. The shot is widely used in modern cricket.

Who invented sweep shot in cricket?

When he first played the switch hit, the international cricket community was deeply divided over the legitimacy of the shot. Since 2009 I have played it and have been successful. Asif Iqbal, the former captain of Pakistan, invented the reverse sweep sometime in the late ’70s.

Which is the most beautiful cricket shot?

Top 5 Beautiful Shots Played In Cricket History

  • 1) Virat Kohli’s flick shot.
  • 2) Sachin Tendulkar’s straight drive.
  • 3) ABD’s scoop over fine leg.
  • 4) Rohit Sharma’s Pull shot.
  • 5) Kumar Sangakkara’s Cover drive.

What is the Favourite shot of Mahendra Singh Dhoni?

MS Dhoni: “My favourite shot is the PADDLE SWEEP.

Who hit the first helicopter shot?

However, two years before Dhoni’s introduction in international cricket, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar executed the ‘helicopter shot’. The incident took place during India’s 2002 Natwest Series against England, which also saw the batting maestro slam his first ODI ton against England in their country.

What is a helicopter shot in cricket?

In cricket, the helicopter shot is the act of hitting the ball by means of a wristy flick, using the bottom-hand as the dominant force. The shot gets its name from the flourish completing the stroke, with the bat being circled overhead.

Who did the first ramp shot?

The Ramp Shot or the Marillier Shot He first played the shot during a tri-series between the West Indies, Australia and Zimbabwe. Marillier took on Glenn McGrath, and with Zimbabwe needing 15 to win off the last over, Marillier unveiled the shot twice.