How did Juri Han lose her eye?

When he started targeting Shadaloo, her family was kidnapped by the organization. During the ordeal, Juri lost her parents and her left eye was gravely wounded. Ten years later, she undergoes an operation at the S.I.N. laboratory to have the Feng Shui Engine implanted into that eye.

What type of character is Juri?

She is the first practitioner of Taekwondo and the series’ first Korean character. Juri has been described as “sultry”, “provocative”, and “sex-crazed”, and she is unique within the series due to her practice of Taekwondo….Juri (Street Fighter)

Fighting style Taekwondo
Origin South Korea
Nationality South Korean

What does Juri’s eye do?

Description. A more detailed view of the Feng Shui Engine. The Feng Shui Engine was implanted in Juri’s left eye socket when she joined S.I.N. It acts as a replacement for her left eye, which was badly damaged when her family was attacked and her parents were assassinated by Shadaloo.

Is Juri Han a villain?

Juri Han (Korean/hangul:한주리) is a character in the Street Fighter video game series, being a thrill-seeking S.I.N. operative striving for revenge against M. Bison. Debuting in Super Street Fighter IV as a destructive antagonist, she is the first Korean character and anti-villainess/anti-heroine of the series.

Who is the most powerful SF character?

Street Fighter: The 14 Most Powerful Characters, Ranked

  • 8 G.
  • 7 Gill.
  • 6 Rose.
  • 5 Gen.
  • 4 M. Bison.
  • 3 Gouken.
  • 2 Oro.
  • 1 Akuma.

What are Juri’s moves in Street Fighter V?

In Street Fighter V, Juri maintains her moves. Her V-Trigger is the Feng Shui Engine (alpha); she chains her combos to her opponent. Her Critical Art is the Sakkai Fuhazan; Juri unleashes a devastating heel drop to inflict multiple hits on her opponent.

When to use Juri’s 2nd ultra?

Many players will opt to use Juri’s second Ultra due to the fact that it results in guaranteed damage in most cases. After an EX Shikusen, once the opponent bounces off the wall, she can combo into it, and of course after a Level 2 or 3 Focus Attack.

Is Juri’s first ultra a bad Super?

It’s not a bad Super by any means so it’s worth experimenting with to see if it fits into your game plan. Juri’s first Ultra allows her to chain her normal moves together, creating combos that were not previously possible.

How do you use Juri’s fireball?

If she chooses to charge it, she does a high kick that leaves a trail of energy which will hit very close opponents or cancel out approaching projectiles if timed correctly. Juri can then unleash her fireball/projectile at any time after that by releasing the button, either immediately or much later in the match.