Can IKEA cabinets be used in the bathroom?

Once again proving that Ikea kitchen cabinets are a great solution for bathroom storage, this renovation used bases from the Sektion line to create a blend of drawers (large and small) and spacious cabinets.

What is the cabinet called in a bathroom?

A bathroom cabinet is a cabinet in a bathroom, most often used to store hygiene products, toiletries, and sometimes also medications such that it works as an improvised medicine cabinet.

Can IKEA kitchen countertops be used in bathroom?

Our durable, water-resistant bathroom countertops are like blank slates; you can put the countertop sink on the left, right or in the middle. Looking for bamboo or a marble effect laminate? We have a variety of materials and looks available!

Can you use a non IKEA faucet with an IKEA sink?

You can use any faucet on the ikea sinks but you have to use the ikea drain assembly so the drawer clears.

How long do bathroom cabinets last?

You can expect bathroom cabinets to last 30 to 60 years, with and average of 50 years. The high humidity and splashed water in a bathroom can shorten the life of budget cabinets, and a plumbing leak under the sink or in the wall behind it will also ruin cabinets if not caught and repaired promptly.

How do you hang a bathroom cabinet without studs?

To install a surface mount cabinet that isn’t on studs, use drywall anchors, toggle bolts or expanding bolts. If you can’t find strong enough drywall anchors for your cabinet, use toggle bolts. Follow these steps to use drywall anchors for a wall-mount cabinet: Put drywall anchors in the pilot holes.

Can you hang wall units on plasterboard?

The way to safely mount your unit depends entirely on the material you’ll be affixing it to. For example, fixing a heavy cabinet to a plasterboard wall is completely different to fixing one to a brick wall. Plasterboard is essentially a layer of compressed plaster dust between two sheets of paper.

What can you do with IKEA bathroom storage cabinets?

Cut back on bathroom clutter and up floor space for you and your family with a storage cabinet from IKEA. Our bathroom storage cabinets give you a place to stash your essentials, from extra toothpaste to make-up. Check out our different styles and colors and find the one that best suits you.

Does IKEA sell bathroom items?

IKEA’s versatile selection features options for bathrooms of every size and design including everything from linen cabinets to shelf units, storage mirrors to bathroom carts. Just take some measurements and browse through our full supply to find the best fit for your space, all at our signature low affordable prices.

Why choose bathroom wall cabinets?

Have you been introduced to the wonder of bathroom wall cabinets? They free up floor space for you and your family. Our wall mounted bathroom cabinets give you a place to stash all your essentials, from extra toothpaste to make-up. Check out our different styles and colours and find the one that best suits you.

What type of bathroom cabinet should you choose?

For some bathrooms, a wall cabinet will be perfect. For others, a mirrored bathroom cabinet, a tall bathroom cabinet or a cabinet under your sink will do the trick. Luckily, we have a large selection of all sorts of cabinets in different colours, shapes, styles and sizes.