Who plays Dr screwball Jones?

Weird Al Yankovic is the voice of Dr. Screwball Jones in Wander Over Yonder.

Who plays Dr screwball in Wander Over Yonder?

Weird Al Yankovic
Screwball Jones is a villain that debuted in Season 2. He is Wander’s nemesis from the past and he is voiced by Weird Al Yankovic.

Why is Wander Over Yonder Cancelled?

Bring Wander Over Yonder Back for Season 3 | Fandom. News was just released that Disney XD’s beloved show, Wander Over Yonder, is getting cancelled because the Disney executives felt there was no need for it to continue.

Is Sylvia from Wander Over Yonder a girl?

Sylvia will never back down from a challenge and loves fighting. Even though Sylvia is tough, she has a soft side, mainly for Wander since he is her best friend and companion. She used to be partners with Ryder….

Species: Zbornak
Gender: Female

Who did Weird Al Yankovic play in Wander Over Yonder?

It was played by Andy Bean. Craig McCracken confirmed this episode when a fan asked if Disney could upload the The Dr. Screwball Jones clip along with ” The Hiatus ” in better quality. Wander Over Yonder is the second animated Disney series that Weird Al Yankovic starred in, the first was Gravity Falls .

What did wander say the villain was trying to follow?

A loud noise is heard in the distance, and Wander says that’s the villain he’s trying to follow. A goofy looking ship appears while its rider introduces itself as Dr. Screwball Jones, and presents his latest weapon: a tickle machine which zaps the chickens, Hater and Peepers, forcing them to be happy and laugh constantly.

What does the hat over wander’s eyes mean?

Wander having his hat over his eyes is a parody of Batman’s mask. Despite this episode taking after the campy tone of the Adam West series, Wander mainly does an impression of Christian Bale’s version. The music in this episode is modeled after Neal Hefti’s score from the Adam West series.

Why does wander turn into a masked detective?

Suddenly, Wander becomes very serious and realizes that an old foe from his past has returned: a guy who thinks he’s good, but is really evil, and is going to put a stop to it. With that, Wander turns into a masked and caped detective vigilante, much to Sylvia’s confusion.