What is the phobia of spiders?

Arachnophobia is an intense fear of spiders. Many fears seems reasonable. We all try to avoid things that make us feel uncomfortable. The difference between a fear and a phobia is that a phobia is an intense and irrational fear toward one or more things or situations.

How was arachnophobia named?

Fear of spiders is termed “Arachnophobia,” a word derived from the Greek “arachne” (spider) and “phobos” (fear). The Greek word was derived from the name “Arachne,” a maiden in Greek mythology whom the goddess Athena turned into a spider after the girl, a skilled weaver, challenged Athena to a weaving contest.

Why do spiders scare us?

We found that perceived fear and disgust of spiders were triggered predominantly by enlarged chelicerae, enlarged abdomen, and the presence of body hair. Longer legs were associated with perceived fear as well; however, the presence of two eyes did not produce any statistical significance in terms of fear.

Why do spiders freak me out?

Arachnophobes report the “leginess” and “sudden movement” of spiders as what scares them the most. Their creepy looks may freak us out because our brains can’t predict their quick erratic movement. A fear of spiders may have evolved to help early humans survive.

What is the cause of Arachnophobia?

– Negative experience with a spider can generate the cause of fear. It becomes untoward and results in such because the experience may be traumatic. – A childhood encounter with a spider, even if the situation is not that traumatizing, can result in fear. – Lack of information is also a possible cause.

How to overcome Arachnophobia?

Learn Some Facts – To begin with,you need to research spiders.

  • Look At Photos – The next step is to look at pictures.
  • Watch Videos – Once you’re more comfortable with images of spiders,try watching some videos.
  • Look At A Spider – Now you need to ask someone to trap a spider under a glass or transparent container.
  • Why is arachnophobia so common?

    Why do some people have Arachnophobia? Reasons. Arachnophobia may be an exaggerated form of an instinctive response that helped early humans to survive , or a cultural phenomenon that is most common in predominantly European societies.

    Is arachnophobia the most common phobia?

    – Arachnophobia is possibly the most well-known of all phobias. It is the fear of spiders, or arachnids. Estimates put arachnophobia at affecting roughly 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men.