What are some after dinner cordials?

Eight Digestifs and After-Dinner Drinks

  • Grappa. Tomas Bohm, chef and owner of The Pantry Eateries in Little Rock, Arkansas, lists grappa with a shot of espresso as his favorite digestif.
  • Amaro.
  • Sambuca.
  • Pacharán.
  • Drambuie.
  • Baijiu.
  • Becherovka.
  • Balsamic Vinegar.

Is a cordial an after dinner drink?

Liqueurs or Cordials – Herbal liqueurs that settle the stomach are a soothing post-dinner remedy.

What are after dinner drinks called?

After dinner drinks are often referred to as digestifs. Digestif is actually the French word for “digestive,” meaning they are exactly what the name suggests: alcoholic beverages typically served after a meal to aid digestion.

When should you drink cordial?

The reason for drinking a cordial once a meal has been finished is because the drink is a little sweeter, can work well in place of a sweet dessert, and also ties together the flavors of the entire meal. The term also describes a spirit that is sweet and has been infused with flavor.

Is Grand Marnier a good after dinner drink?

It’s delicious on its own as an after-dinner drink but can also be mixed into a cocktail or used in a recipe, like a dessert. In classic crêpes Suzette, Grand Marnier—along with Brandy—is used to produce the dramatic flambé moment that the dish is known for.

What is the difference between cordials and liqueurs?

Liqueurs are basically liquors that have been flavored and sweetened. The term is interchangeable with “cordial,” except in the U.K., where cordial can also just refer to a sweet, non-alcoholic liquid.

What is a digestif in France?

The French word “digestif” refers to the digestion process; drinking a small quantity of Cognac, Armagnac, Calvados or any Eau de Vie should indeed make you digest more easily.

What is the difference between a liqueur and a cordial?

A liqueur may be added to a drink, but is typically enjoyed on its own on the rocks after dinner or mixed in with coffee. A cordial on the other hand can be anything from a sweetened mix-in to a homemade elixir of herbs, acid and sugar that’s almost always added to a cocktail, as on its own it’s non-alcoholic.

What are cordials and how do they work?

In the UK, cordials are mostly a mix of sugar, water, acid and some sort of flavoring — from a fruit or herb to infuse the drink with layers and save time whilst bartending. They’re ingredients that perform dual-actions in a cocktail — serving as flavoring agents as well as time-savers for busy and meticulous bartenders.

What is the UK version of a cordial?

While the UK version of a cordial is probably an addition to a drink to accent the flavors, some liqueurs out there are typically enjoyed on the rocks by themselves. Amaretto, for example, is an almond-flavored liqueur that can be enjoyed in a cocktail or on its own.

What are the best after-dinner drinks?

Traditionally, a digestif is full of herbs, spices and other ingredients to help aid in digestion, but after-dinner drinks have evolved into spirits with a smooth sip and high alcohol content. These picks will help you end your dinner party on a high note! Port wine is an after-dinner drink that’s meant to be savored.