Is Eve Hewson related to Bono?

Twenty-nine-year-old actor Eve Hewson is U2 frontman Bono’s daughter (his real name is Paul Hewson), but she’s gotten to establish her own career with a lot of fans not even being aware of that fun fact. Hewson stars in the Netflix psychological thriller series Behind Her Eyes, which was released in February.

Is Bono still with Ali Hewson?

Bono’s wife is a “mysterious figure”. The U2 frontman will celebrate 40 years of marriage to Ali Hewson – with whom he has daughters Jordan, 32, and Eve, 30, and sons Elijah, 22, and John, 20 – next summer but he admitted there’s still a lot he doesn’t know about her, even after all these years.

Is the lead singer of Inhaler Bono son?

Elijah Hewson has proved he can follow in his father Bono’s footsteps after the debut album by his band Inhaler entered the UK chart at number one.

Is Eve Hewson Bonos daughter?

Eve is the daughter of Paul Hewson, better known to the world as Bono, the singer of the rock band U2. Eve’s mother is Ali Hewson, an international activist, and businesswoman. Eve is one of Ali and Bono’s four children.

What is the name of Bonos daughter?

Eve Hewson
Jordan Hewson

Is Bono of U2 married?

Ali HewsonBono / Spouse (m. 1982)

Does Elijah Hewson sound like Bono?

This is where Inhaler come in. One of the striking qualities of It Won’t Always Be Like This is that Elijah Hewson’s earnest voice sounds like Bono.

Is Elijah Hewson related to Bono?

Elijah Hewson, son of Bono, has scored his first number one with the debut album by his band, Inhaler. Powered by 21 year-old Elijah’s impassioned vocals, the Dublin group has prompted comparisons with The Killers, Kings of Leon – and inevitably, U2.

Hewson was born in Dublin, the second daughter of activist Ali Hewson (née Alison Stewart) and U2 lead singer Bono (Paul David Hewson). She was named after being born at 7 am on 7 July, as “eve” is the middle of the word “seven”. She has an older sister, Jordan, and two younger brothers, Elijah and John.

Where did Bono’s son Elijah Hewson go to school?

Bono’s son, Elijah Hewson, completed his primary education from the Dalkey School Project, Glenageary, County Dublin. Later, he joined the South Dublin private school, St. Andrews College. Elijah has two elder sisters, Jordan Hewson and Eve Hewson, who joined the Hewson family in 1989, and 1991 respectively.

Who is Bono’s wife Alison Hewson?

The versatile singer and actor Bono is married to businesswoman and activist Alison Hewson. His marriage to Alison is one of the most long-lasting in the celeb world. The long-time couple is blessed with four kids, including their son, John Abraham Hewson.

Who is John Abraham Hewson?

Youngest Child Of Bono With Ali Hewson U2’s primary lyricist, Bono, married his teenage love, Ali Hewson, in 1982. They welcomed their son, John Abraham Hewson, on 21 May 2001 in Dublin, Ireland. He is the youngest son of the celebrity couple, Bono and Ali, and has three elder siblings, two sisters, and a brother.