How did the economy affect the 2012 election?

The nation’s economy was a focus of the presidential campaign. But the race between Mitt Romney and President Obama played out state by state, where the strength of the economy varied. Preliminary exit poll results suggest that voters were affected by the economic situation where they live.

What happens when CNN projects a winner of the presidential election?

“When CNN projects a winner of the presidential election, the tower lights of the Empire State Building will change color to all-blue or to all-red,” the channel said in a news release. “They talk about the rich and the middle class. What about the poor people? Don’t nobody say nothing about the poor people.

What is the most tweeted about a political event in history?

In other Twitter news, with 20 million messages about the election sent so far today, Nov. 6, 2012, just became the most tweeted about political event in the six-year history of the service, Andrew Fitzgerald, the manager of editorial programming at Twitter, said.

Who do voters choose-Romney or Obama?

About three-quarters of Mr. Romney’s supporters say it is Mr. Obama; some 90 percent of those who preferred Mr. Obama say it is former President George W. Bush. Voters who choose Mr. Obama see health care reform, Medicare and the legality of abortion very differently from those who support Mr. Romney.

What happened to Mitt Romney’s economy campaign?

Mitt Romney’s campaign repeatedly sought to undermine President Obama’s handling of the economy and other issues during his four years in office. Preliminary exit poll results suggest that the campaign failed to convince a majority of voters.

Why did Dennis Carroll vote for Mitt Romney?

Dennis Carroll, a retired small-business owner, said he had tired of Mr. Obama’s rhetoric on taxes and was planning to vote for Mr. Romney. “He’s doing class warfare.