What does it mean when the battery icon is blinking?

A: If your battery icon is blinking, please use your multimeter to measure your battery’s voltage, maybe your battery’s voltage is too low. The arrow to the battery is blinking means charging.

What can cause battery light to come on?

The cause of the battery light could be a loose or corroded battery cable or other wire connecting components of the charging system, or it might be a problem with the alternator or voltage regulator. The alternator generates the power that is stored in the battery.

How do I restart my Nokia Lumia without the power button?

Go to Settings —> Touch and then change the on or off setting for “Navigation Bar” (if currently on, change to off; if currently off, change to on). Then the phone will tell you a restart is needed and you can tap ‘now’.

How do I Reset my Lumia 520 to factory settings?

1. Turn off your Lumia 520 phone. 2. Press and hold the Volume down and Camera keys. 3. Press and hold the Power key. 4. When you feel the phone vibrates, release the power key, but keep pressing the volume down and camera keys, until the phone reboots. All data will be lost! 1. Turn the power Off. 2.

When did the Nokia Lumia 520 come out?

An affordable Windows phone by Nokia, released April 2013. Answered! View the answer I have this problem too Is this a good question? 1. Turn off your Lumia 520 phone. 2. Press and hold the Volume down and Camera keys.

What does the battery with flashing plug icon mean?

The battery with flashing plug icon means that the battery is too dead to turn on the device, needs charge first. Since you mentioned that it’s already at 13-16%, I guess you already managed that part.

Does your Nokia phone have a charging port issue?

Many HMD nokia devices suffer from charging port issues. Get your phone checked at nokia care. Battery issue might be present but it’s rare compared to charging port issue. Yes, thanks all. I’ll be returning it to Nokia for warranty repair. my nokia 6.1 was also having charging port issue and changed it while in warranty period.