Will 3985 be restored?

It is one of 105 Challengers built for Union Pacific between 1936 and 1943 and was, for many years, the only operating engine of its class in the world – the largest and most powerful operating steam locomotive. That title has transitioned to Big Boy No. 4014 now that No. 3985 is retired again.

Is Union Pacific 844 still running?

844 for special activities, the kernel of what has become the Union Pacific’s heritage fleet. Today, it is one of UP’s oldest serving locomotives and the only steam locomotive owned by a North American Class I railroad that has never been retired….Union Pacific 844.

hideType and origin
Build date December 24, 1944
Rebuild date 1959–1960

Where is the Challenger locomotive?

No. 3985 was restored to operating condition by Union Pacific in 1981 and used in excursion service until mechanical problems sent it back into storage in October 2010. It was officially retired in January 2020 and is stored in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

What will happen to 3985?

UP steam club article states 3985 “requires a frame up rebuild in the manner of 4014”, ergo, it will be permanently retired. Financial cutbacks across railroad departments include the steam program. UP believe two active locomotive (and what locomotives they are) is sufficient for the moment.

Where is the 4014 Big Boy now?

The locomotive was retired in December 1961, having traveled 1,031,205 miles in its 20 years in service. Union Pacific reacquired No. 4014 from the RailGiants Museum in Pomona, California, in 2013, and relocated it back to Cheyenne to begin a multi-year restoration process.

What kind of locomotive is a 3985?

Union Pacific No. 3985 is a class 4664-4 4-6-6-4 ” Challenger ” type steam locomotive owned by the Union Pacific Railroad. 3985 was built in July 1943 by the American Locomotive Company of Schenectady, New York.

What happened to the Union Pacific 3985 train?

UP 3985 operated in its last “revenue” train service in 1957. The locomotive was officially retired in 1962 and was stored in the Union Pacific’s roundhouse with Union Pacific Big Boy No. 4023 at Cheyenne, Wyoming. In 1975, it was brought out of storage and placed on outdoor display beside the Cheyenne depot.

Is number 3985 still in service?

Following No. 4014’s restoration on May 1, 2019, No. 3985 was officially retired from excursion service in January 2020 as a result of its poor mechanical condition, with No. 4014 officially serving as the replacement for No. 3985.

What happened to UPUP 3985?

UP 3985 was part of the 4664-4 group of Challengers built in 1943. Although this group consisted of 31 locomotives, only 25 went to the Union Pacific. The other six were leased to the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad after completion, where they operated until the Rio Grande sold them to the Clinchfield Railroad in 1947.