What is the major source of conflict in Niger Delta?

A primary cause of this is the effect crude oil spills have on crops in the given area. According to a Stanford University article, Oil Pollution in the Niger Delta, there has been an estimation of 240,000 barrels of oil being spilled annually onto the Niger Delta region.

What are the environmental challenges of the Niger Delta region?

Air pollution has been identified as one of the most critical environmental problems confronting the Niger delta Area. Traffic, industry and gas flaring are the major air pollution sources in the region.

Which mineral resources is found in Niger Delta?

After oil the most important mineral found in the Niger Delta is gas. Natural gas is created either as Biogenic gas or as Thermogenic gas….14.6.1 NATURAL GAS IN THE NIGER DELTA.

Trace Elements in Nigerian Gas As mg/m³
Mercaptans 02.000
Volatile sulphur 07.000
Total sulphur 30.000

What are some of the negative impacts of oil on the Niger Delta?

Oil spills and gas flaring have contaminated, de- graded and destroyed the mangrove forests and water bodies of the Niger Delta, thereby causing serious destruction of its biodiversity over the years.

What are the causes of conflict and violence in Nigeria?

Literatures on causes of violence in Nigeria identify many factors among them are selfishness, greed, injustice, do-or- die politics, love of money, wealth, accumulation of wealth, revolt, repression, immorality and ignorance. One or more of these factors bring about every violent event that has taken place in Nigeria.

What are some problems in Niger?

Niger fell victim to a series of coups and political instability following its independence from France in 1960. Today the country struggles in the face of frequent droughts, insurgency and wide-spread poverty. Niger is betting on increased oil exploration and gold mining to help modernize its economy.

What are Niger resources?

Niger has significant industrial mining potential in uranium, gold, salt, calcium, phosphates, cassiterite, and gypsum. Niger’s mineral production also includes cement, coal, gypsum, limestone, salt, silver and tin.

What are two serious problems that have come about because of oil drilling in the Niger Delta?

The exploitation of oil in the Niger Delta region has brought to bear oil spillage and its numerous problems. Such problems include contamination of water bodies, danger to aquatic life, and destruction of farmlands, [8].

What is the biggest environmental issue in Nigeria?

Nigeria is faced with environmental problems such as air pollution, water pollution, lead exposures, poor waste management, deforestation, desertification, wind erosion, and flooding, which has harmed the population.