Why did Velda Tan leave Love, Bonito?

The company was at the peak of success, but Tan decided to leave the blogshop as she needed a breather. “I just wanted to take a break, take a sabbatical and figure out what I wanted because I have been working on Love, Bonito for about eight years already,” she said in an interview with Channel NewsAsia.

Is Viola Tan still with Love, Bonito?

Fashion forward In 2014, Velda stepped back from Love, Bonito, but Viola remains in place today as a member of the board.

Who is the owner of Love, Bonito?

Rachel Lim
Rachel Lim is cofounder and the face of Singapore’s homegrown fashion retailer Love, Bonito. Launched in 2010, when she was in her final year at Nanyang Technological University, Lim grew Love, Bonito from a blog site selling used clothes to one of Southeast Asia’s leading online retailers focused on women’s wear.

Is Love, Bonito making money?

To date, about half of Love, Bonito’s revenue comes from markets outside of Singapore. The city-state is still its largest market, followed by Malaysia.

Is Love, Bonito Singapore brand?

Love, Bonito (official website) is a popular fashion brand and retailer that has its origins in Singapore. Love, Bonito specialises in women’s wear. As of 2019, Love, Bonito retails in 17 stores across 4 South-East Asian countries and ships internationally.

What happened to collate the label?

The label’s closure in 2007, following the dissolution of the creative duo’s partnership, saw him leaving Singapore to pursue other creative interests. But in September this year, the designer is back with his new womenswear label.

Is Love, Bonito a SME?

About the business: Incorporated in 2010, Love, Bonito is an online retail shop selling women’s apparel. The company has won SME Asia Award in 2013/2014 from Asian Business Journal and the Trade & Industry Association.

Is Love, Bonito a Singapore brand?

Who is Rachel Lim husband?

Leonard Lee
Rachel Lim is married to Leonard Lee, an interior designer. They tied the knot in 2016 at a seaside wedding in Uluwatu, Bali after dating for three years. At the time of writing (September 2020), Rachel is currently expecting her first child due in December 2020.

Is Love, Bonito a real company?

We exist for the modern everyday Asian woman. Here in Love, Bonito, we envision a world where women are confident and empowered to pursue their dreams through life’s milestones. We are on this journey with you through: Creating and designing clothes that let you be you – unabashed, uninhibited, undeniably, you.

Is Love, Bonito a local brand?

Over the years, Love, Bonito has grown to be a hugely popular local fashion brand. The fact that they’ve been around for over a decade shows that they’ve been doing something right, which is why they’re still ‘in the game’.

Who is Lisa Von Tang?

Lisa Von Tang Is Reinterpreting Chinese Style, With a Sustainable Twist. Since launching her eponymous label in 2017, the Canadian-born, Chinese-German designer Lisa Von Tang—who is based in Singapore—has built a steady business in Asia, and now she’s hoping to ramp up her womenswear presence here in North America.

How did Velda start her blogshop bonitochico?

At the tender age of 18, Velda – together with her sister Viola Tan and best friend Rachel Lim – set up a blogshop called BonitoChico. The three teenagers started off by selling preloved goods, or specifically, clothes they didn’t want anymore.

Why did she start collate instead of Love Bonito?

She eventually started working on Collate because it was “a progressive thing” to do and insisted that she did not leave Love, Bonito with plans to start her own label. She added that when she returned to Singapore, she felt like she was no longer “on the same path as Love Bonito’s business model anymore”.

What happened to Love Bonito’s business model after return to Singapore?

She added that when she returned to Singapore, she felt like she was no longer “on the same path as Love Bonito’s business model anymore”. According to her, Love, Bonito were modelling after the big retailers such as Zara and H&M, creating products that worked for high-street fashion.