What O ring material is good for H2S?

O-Ring Materials for Oil and Gas Industry Harsh Environments from Experts

Marco Material type B1000 NBR
Hydraulic control fluid Oceanic HW 525 2
Oceanic HW 540 2
<1% 3
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) <10% 3

Is Viton good for H2S?

This high hardness fluoroelastomer is appropriate for this application temperature and in this temperature is not degraded by heat or oxidation. In terms of resistance to H2S, this high hardness fluoroelastomer is completely resistant and is not attacked chemically.

What is an elastomer in oil and gas?

Elastomers are used all over the Oil & Gas industry. They facilitate downhole packers sealing, they allow progressing cavity pumps (PCP) to work, and they provide sealing materials for valves and equipment on the surface.

What is H2S mitigation?

Once H2S testing has been performed, it is necessary to mitigate its impacts and bring the gas to the desired specifications. H2S mitigation techniques are implemented in order to preserve the environment, take care of workers, avoid corrosion and bad smells, and protect the value of products.

Is Viton same as fluorocarbon?

Viton® is the brand name for fluorocarbon rubber polymers of the Chemours Company. This type of polymer is used extensively by ERIKS, however we do not claim or promote the use of any specific brands of polymers in our compounds.

Is FKM same as Viton?

Fluoro-Elastomer is usually referred to as FKM FPM or as VITON™ after the popular brand which produces it. You may see this rubber listed in different places with these different names, but they are all one and the same.

What is H2S scrubber?

A hydrogen sulfide scrubber is a device for the chemical removal of hydrogen sulfide. Gas leaving the naphthalene scrubber enters a hydrogen sulfide scrubber, which removes hydrogen sulfide and other substances.

What is burning and flaring used for in regards to controlling H2S?

Flaring is also used to burn gases that would otherwise present a safety problem. It is common to flare natural gas that contains hydrogen sulfide (i.e., sour gas), in order to convert the highly toxic hydrogen sulfide gas into less toxic compounds.

Who makes Viton?

Viton® is a brand name of DuPont for its synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer, commonly used in O-rings and other moulded or extruded products.

What is difference between Nitrile and Viton?

What is the Difference Between Nitrile and Viton? Nitrile rubber and Viton are two elastomer polymer types that are different in their appearance and density. Nitrile compounds are organic compounds having the general chemical formula R-CN while Viton is a brand name of synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomers.

What is hydrogenated NBR elastomer?

In sealing technology, hydrogenated NBR elastomer is primarily used where elevated temperatures and/or high mechanical strength are required. HNBR offers a broad spectrum of applications, in both the process industry and the food industry. For example, hydrogenated NBR elastomer is an ideal sealing material for valve seats or in espresso machines.

What is HNBR rubber?

HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber), also known as Highly Saturated Nitrile (“HSN”), is special class of nitrile rubber (NBR) that has been hydrogenated to increase saturation of the butadiene segment of the carbon polymer backbone.

What brand of HNBR polymer is used in seals Eastern products?

Seals Eastern is proud to have chosen Zeon Chemical Zetpol® brand of HNBR polymer as the backbone of our HNBR o-rings, seals, and packer elements. To learn more Contact Us . General service o-ring and packer element rubber.

What are the properties of a HNBR solution?

HNBR is resistant to hot water and steam and has good high-and low-temperature performance with regard to its physical properties. In addition, these mixes also have high media and abrasion resistance and good mechanical properties.