What happened to Mary from Real Housewives of Vancouver?

Mary Zilba Since RHOV ended, Mary has moved behind the camera, taking on a new behind-the-scenes role with her production company LadyPants productions. However, don’t expect to see her on any of her shows. “Everyone thinks I’m on the shows and I’m not, I haven’t cast myself on anything,” Mary told ET Canada.

Where is Christina from RHOV from?


Christina Kiesel
Place of Origin Australia
Series The Real Housewives of Vancouver
Season(s) 1

Who are the original Real Housewives of Vancouver?

The Real Housewives of Vancouver. The series originally focused on Jody Claman, Christina Kiesel, Reiko MacKenzie, Ronnie Negus, and Mary Zilba; the second season lineup consisted of Claman, Negus, Zilba, Amanda Hansen, Robin Reichman and Ioulia Reynolds.

Who is Mary Zilba from Real Housewives of Vancouver?

Mary Zilba is an American singer and television personality best known for her singing career in Canada and her reign as Miss Ohio (Miss America Pageant). She was one of the main cast members of The Real Housewives of Vancouver.

What happened to Mary Zilba and Jody Claman on the Real Housewives?

Beyond The Real Housewives of Vancouver series, Mary Zilba and Jody had some drama. Following Mia’s shooting incident, Zilba stated, “Ms. Claman knew or ought to have known that Ms. Deakin allegedly associates with criminals.”

What happened to Mia on’Real Housewives of Vancouver’?

Mia made frequent appearances on the Real Housewives of Vancouver and was often portrayed as the show’s wild child. Police suspected that the shooting may have been targeted because Deakin’s partner at the time (Jeffrey Chang) was a rumored gangster.