Can I open an Ally Bank account online?

Opening an Ally Bank account online is simple. Go to the product page for the type of account you want to open (Interest Checking, Online Savings, CD, Money Market or IRA) and select Open Account. Then, enter your personal information and choose the terms and funding options you prefer.

How do I apply online for Ally?

If you want to open an account with Ally, all you’ll generally need is about five minutes. Head to and find the “Open Account” button under the “Checking & Savings” tab. Then, pick the account type and click “Open Account” to officially start the process.

How do I open an account with Ally Bank?

Here’s how in three simple steps.

  1. Shop and compare. It’s fairly easy nowadays to hop online and compare different checking accounts at various banks.
  2. Gather your personal information.
  3. Open the account and make an initial deposit.

Is Ally Bank free to open?

Open your account with any amount. Plus, we don’t penalize you or charge fees based on your balance.

How long does it take to get approved for Ally Bank account?

Once you review the disclosures, just check the box, select “Submit Application,” and you’re all set. You should hear back from us at Ally Bank within three to five days with confirmation that your account has been opened. We’ll also contact you if we need additional verification or documentation.

What documents are needed to open an Ally Bank account?

Your driver’s license. Your Social Security card. Proof of U.S. residency or citizenship. (If you know that you’re unable to provide this documentation, check to see if this might be a requirement with the financial institution ahead of time)

Does Ally Bank have a mobile app?

You can access your accounts through your mobile device’s browser at, or you can download our free mobile banking apps. Supported mobile operating systems: Android™ 4.0 or higher.

Is Ally a bank or credit union?

Ally Bank is a full-service online bank offering competitive rates, low fees, no minimums and 24/7 customer service. Headquartered in Sandy, Utah, and founded in 2009, Ally Bank is the digital-only banking division of Ally Financial Inc., which has roots dating back to the 1920s.

Does Ally Bank check credit?

When you apply online for our 3-minute basic pre-approval, we’ll ask for your social security number and do a secure “soft” credit check. This doesn’t affect your credit score in any way. We use your FICO Classic 04 credit score from Transunion.

Is Ally Bank still worth it?

Yes, Ally Bank is absolutely safe and legit institution. Even though this bank is 100% online and doesn’t have any physical locations like traditional banks, Ally still has to follow the same legal rules and regulations to be allowed to operate.

How to open an ally bank account?

Financial planners praise the ease of use and high interest rates on Ally’s high-yield savings account.

  • Ally’s high-yield savings account has no minimum balance or monthly fees,with a competitive APY.
  • To open a high-yield savings account at Ally,you need your Social Security or tax identification number,address,birthdate,and legal name.
  • How do you open an ally account?

    A Social Security number or tax identification number

  • A U.S. residential street address
  • Legal name
  • Birthdate (you must be age 18 or older)
  • How do you open an ally bank account?

    You can open a free checking account at this North Carolina-based bank with a $50 initial deposit. The account comes with access to the bank’s digital banking service where you can manage your accounts and budgets. You have access to 475 ATMs in the southeast and additional services like a Together Account, which is designed for teens.