What is the main difference between petrol engine and diesel engine?

Difference Between Petrol and Diesel Engine
Diesel Engine Petrol Engine
The fuel is mixed with air inside the cylinder Air and the fuel are mixed in a carburettor
Ignition is achieved with the help of the hot, compressed air. Fuel is ignited with an electric spark
High compression ratio Relatively low compression ratio

Which part is not common between petrol and diesel engine?

Q. Which part is not common between the petrol and diesel engines
B. Dynamo
C. Air cleaner
D. Fuel injector
E. Exhaust silencer

Which is more costly diesel or petrol?

When it comes to cost while buying the car, a diesel variant is relatively more expensive than the petrol variant consisting of the same specifications. The cost difference can range from 50,000 to 1 lakh.

Are diesel cars more powerful than petrol?

In short, yes. Diesel cars have more torque than petrol ones, meaning that their pulling power is greater. This makes diesel cars ideal if you regularly tow a trailer or caravan. It also means that they may be able to overtake other cars faster.

Which cycle is more efficient?

Explanation: Otto cycle is more efficient than Diesel cycle for a given compression ratio. 6. For constant maximum pressure and heat input, the air standard efficiency of the gas power cycle is in the order.

Which one is not a part of diesel engine?

A penstock is not a part of diesel engine power plant.

Is petrol or diesel better for a first car?

Fuel type – generally, petrol cars tend to be better for people only using the car for short journeys. Diesel cars are more suited to people who have a high annual mileage, due to the better fuel economy in diesel cars which allows you to save more the more miles you do.

Is petrol car good for long drive?

If you want to keep a car for long and drive more than 80-100km a day, diesel can be a valid option. Otherwise, if your running is quite less and you don’t prefer keeping a car for more than 3-4 years, go for petrol.

Is a diesel engine stronger than a petrol engine?

Petrol engine will have higher power than diesel engine because it can run at much higher RPM and as power is directly proportional to the RPM hence, petrol engine will produce more power, although diesel engine has more Torque, but it will not produce same amount of power as petrol engine, as it has low RPM.

Why diesel engine is more costly than petrol engine?

Why Are Diesel Cars More Expensive Than Petrol? The main advantage of diesel is that the engine makes more torque through the addition of a turbocharger, whereas petrol cars lose most of their punch because of more rigid component parts. For that reason, diesel cars normally have a more high cost than gasoline.

Why are diesel engines better than petrol engines?

– The overall design of a diesel engine – The fuel a diesel engine uses – The application in which diesel engines are widely used

Why are diesel engines expensive than petrol engines?

– Refinery configuration (Production variable): What is the configuration of refineries? – Demand (Market variable): In India the demand for diesel is usually double the demand for petrol. – Government Policies: Diesel motors have higher capacity to pull heavy loads and is therefore used to fuel the transportation sector.