What fruits grow in a fruit cage?

A fruit cage is typically used to project fruit canes and berry bushes. You might place raspberries, blackberries, currants, gooseberries, blueberries and much more inside. Dwarf fruit trees may also benefit from protection within such a structure.

What is a fruit cage for?

Fruit cages are tall, netted enclosures in which fruit bushes and small trees can grow to full height and allow the gardener to stand. The net is usually of small-gauge mesh, 15–20mm (1⁄2–3⁄4in), to exclude even the smallest birds.

What is the best netting for fruit cages?

Extruded polypropylene mesh with mesh size of 17mm square. UV stabilised for longer lifespan, ideal for the sides of fruit cages.

How big does a fruit cage need to be?

A width space of 6-8′ is enough, and about 6′ in height too, which is obligingly, just about the height of an average fruit cage. The flat shape of a fan trained tree allows all the light and sunshine to penetrate so the fruits are extra sweet and colour up well.

Do you need a fruit cage?

Fruit cages are essential for protecting the fruit and vegetables you’ve worked hard to grow in your garden.

Do strawberries need cage?

Strawberry cages protect the fruit against these foraging garden pests while still allowing light and water to reach the plants. Although you can purchase a finished strawberry cage, building your own cage allows you greater control over the size and materials used.

How tall should a strawberry cage be?

That makes the top about 10 inches above the dirt. Be sure you account for the height of the cage when you choose your size. Take the area of your patch and add at least a six-inch border all the way around. If your cage will sit directly on the dirt, I’d make it a little taller.)

Why choose agriframes fruit cages?

Unlike other conventional fruit cages, Agriframes only uses the best quality cylinder steel giving a premium feel and quality to the frame. Agriframes Fruit Cages are constructed using strong tubular steel and are far superior to the cheaper aluminum options available in the market.

How long have we been making fruit cages?

We have been manufacturing high quality, hand made fruit cages for over 50 years. From superior polymer-coated fruit cages through to galvanised economy crop cages, there is a long-lasting solution for every garden to the problem of birds and pests enjoying your crops before you do.

What is the size of the fruit cage module?

Plain galvanized steel or galvanized steel with a matte black powder coating finish. The standard fruit cage module measures 2.5m (8.2′) x 3.6m (12′). If this size works for you, please proceed to checkout.

Why choose agriframes for your garden?

Agriframes offers a range of arches, pergolas, screens, obelisks and gazebos that are designed to suit the most refined styles of an English garden. Quality is never compromised – our designs are strong and durable, made of a hi-tensile steel tubing, galvanized inside and out to resist corrosion.