How do I get a Kentucky truck permit?

The state requires commercial vehicles to obtain a permit if they travel through Kentucky and has a gross weight of 60,000 or more. Obtaining the KYU number proofs you have registered with the state and a highway tax form will be sent to you quarterly.

What does Kyu mean on a semi truck?

What is the KYU number? The KYU number is a tax license issued for the Kentucky Weight Distance Tax. Any motor carrier 60,000 pounds or greater traveling Kentucky is subject to this tax. Right now the tax is computed at $0.0285 cents per mile.

How long is a kyu number good for?

The KYU number issued by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is a permanent weight distance tax license, no yearly renewals. Kentucky does require that you maintain a vehicle inventory for your KYU number. All trucks will need to be listed on your KYU number inventory and must be added or deleted as your trucks change.

Why would a commercial truck driver need to have TWIC credentials?

TWIC stands for Transportation Worker Identification Credential. This federal ID card is required by the Maritime Transportation Security Act for all workers who need access to secure areas of the country’s ports, vessels, and maritime areas.

How do I apply for a UCR number?

Go to and follow the computer prompts. The system is now enabled for all mobile devices. If you operated in 2021 and did not register, you must complete the appropriate year registration online at

How to obtain Kyu number?

UCR registration completed for all years of operation,past and present.

  • USDOT number must be active.
  • I will need the full information for the truck (s) included license palte number (s).
  • Who needs a Kyu number?

    If you plan on operating in the State of Kentucky and your GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) is 60,000 lbs or more you will need a KYU Number . Order your number now for $50 and we will have your KYU Number issued right away as long as your Unified Carrier Registration is up to date for the current year.

    How to file Kyu tax online?

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  • How to file Kyu taxes?

    Kentucky Weight Distance (KYU) Electronic Filing. You can process your KYU tax return online, allowing you to print a copy for your records. You must have a registered KYU account to file taxes electronically. Payments can be made electronically with credit card or check.