Who is Sagume Kishin?

Sagume Kishin (稀神 サグメ Kishin Sagume) is a Lunarian goddess (specifically, a divine spirit) who was indirectly responsible for the Urban Legend Incident.

Is Sagume a goddess?

Sagume Kishin is a lunarian goddess or divine spirit.

Where is Doremy from?


ドレミー・スイート Doremy Sweet do̞ɺ̠e̞miː sɯᵝiːto̞
Species Baku
Abilities Eating and creating dreams
Occupation Dream World manager
Location Dream World

Where was DOMRMy Pucelle?

Domrémy-la-Pucelle, village, Vosges département, Grand Est région, northeastern France. It lies on the banks of the Meuse River, 38 miles (61 km) southeast of Bar-le-Duc. Domrémy was where St. Joan of Arc (“la Pucelle”) was born about 1412.

What is the meaning of Domrémy?

Domrémy-la-Pucelle in British English (French dɔ̃remilapysɛl) or Domrémy. noun. a village in NE France, in the Vosges: birthplace of Joan of Arc.

How do you pronounce Domrémy in French?

  1. Phonetic spelling of Domremy. dom-re-my. dawn-rey-mee-la-py-sel. DOM-remi.
  2. Meanings for Domremy.
  3. Translations of Domremy. Russian : Спустя

Who is sagume Kishin in Touhou Project?

Sagume Kishin is a Lunarian goddess from Touhou Project. She appeared as the Stage 4 boss in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom . She has the ability to reverse a situation with her words.

What does sagume Kishin look like?

(Touhou 15) Sagume has red eyes. She has white hair with one white/grey wing on her right side. She dresses in a purple dress and a white jacket with small black markings and a small red bowtie at the collar. She also wears light brown shoes with white laces. Sagume Kishin is a lunarian goddess or divine spirit.

What is sagume’s nature?

Other than being a Lunarian, Sagume can also “tentatively” be classified as a divine spirit, but it is said that her true nature isn’t that of a god, an oni, or a departed soul. She is also considered a type of amanojaku. Her full name is Sagume Kishin (稀神サグメ). Her last name, Kishin ( 稀神 ), means “rare god”.

Who is sagume in legacy of Lunatic Kingdom?

Sagume appeared as the Stage 4 midboss and Boss in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom . When she speaks about a particular situation or event, that situation will eventually proceed to reverse itself, through whatever means possible.