Is hookah bar legal in Mumbai?

The client must first get the license under the Bombay Municipal Corporation Act and also a NOC by the fire department followed by a registration and license under Bombay Police Act as well as the Excise and VAT registration.

Is hookah bar legal in Maharashtra?

After the fire incident, the state government had amended COTPA and imposed a blanket ban on running hookah bars in any place. The amended law also laid down a punishment of imprisonment up to three years, making serving of hookah a cognisable offence.

Is serving hookah legal in India?

The Delhi High Court on Tuesday gave a nod to the sale of herbal hookah in bars and restaurants in the national capital. The court said that Covid-19 restrictions cannot be permitted to continue at the cost of livelihood.

Are hookah bars legal in Pune?

Now Enjoy Your Favourite Hookah At These Places In Pune. So, hookah is legal now. But hold your horses, not the kind you’re thinking perhaps. Mumbai High court has allowed about 40 restaurants in Pune and Mumbai to serve herbal, tobacco-free hookah.

Is herbal hookah legal in Mumbai?

The court clarified that it was granting permission as an interim relief and the same is subject to the petitioners giving an undertaking to it that they would strictly follow COVID-19 appropriate behaviour while serving herbal hookah.

How can I get hookah license in Mumbai?

To obtain such a license, an application has to be made to police commissioner. The commissioner may grant the permission subject to conditions that- teenagers should not be allowed . Ingredients used in hookah should be permissible and should not be against anti-tobacco law.

Is hukka illegal?

It is still legal to purchase hookahs at shops and consume them at home. Authorities generally apply Section 144 (Unlawful assembly) of CrPC to shut down hookah bars. Governments also use the COTPA. Serving hookah is punishable by a fine of ₹1,200 (US$16).

Where is hookah legal in India?

New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Wednesday allowed the use of herbal hookah in restaurants and bars in the national capital. However, it is important to note that the court has allowed the use of Hookah for the time being.

Is selling hookah Flavour legal in India?

It’s just flavoured tobacco, completely legal.

Is Shisha available in Goa?

Shortcut. Offering a mix of Moroccan, Indian and Goan food, and situated conveniently on the Candolim Beach Road, Moroccan Shisha Lounge is where you go for good shisha, good food, and great service.

Is hookah at home legal?

as per section 50 and 35 of the narcotics and prevention of drugs act keeping hookah or ganja for certain quantity is legal and if the quantity exceeds it will be an offence and non-bailable and punishable with 10 years atleast Criminality that depends upon ingredients used in the Hookah at home those are prohibited …

How can I open hookah bar in Maharashtra?

Eligibility for Hookah bar License

  1. Large space must be given to the restaurant in comparison to shisha lounge.
  2. CCTV should be there to store footage for at least 3 months.
  3. Must hold at least one-year-old food license.
  4. Within the reach of 500m, no educational center, school, hospital or place of worship should be there.

What happened at the Owl Hookah Lounge in Mumbai?

The Mumbai Police on Saturday raided an illegal Hookah lounge named ‘The Owl’. The Mumbai Police on Saturday (December 18) raided an illegal Hookah lounge named ‘The Owl’ and arrested 80 customers, including 27 women. A case has been registered at the Vaakola police station and further investigation is underway.

What are the best hookah parlours in Mumbai?

Here are some of the best hookah parlours you must try if you’re in Mumbai: Where: Empressa Building, Khar. This rooftop sheesha lounge in Khar West has a stunning view of the skyline. You’ll always find people posing for pictures with the beautiful backdrop. It’s a great place to spend quality time over some hookah and food with your friends. 2.

How many women found hookah in Oshiwara pub raid?

They walked in through the kitchen and found at least 22 patrons, including four women, having hookah. In the raid carried out around 1.10am, Oshiwara police booked the 22 patrons and 11 staffers, after the establishment was found running beyond the stipulated time of 11.30pm that is permissible during the pandemic.

Where is the best hookah club in Sydney?

Anarchy, a club located in the western suburbs, is the perfect weekend getaway for hookah lovers. Along with hookah, it also has a full bar and a dance floor which transforms the place into a full fledged nightclub.