Does DAB radio work in Germany?

DAB+ digital radio is currently the radio platform experiencing the strongest growth in Germany. In October 2020, Antenne Deutschland launched a second DAB+ multiplex that will host up to 16 new national commercial radio stations.

What is the coverage of DAB radio?

This helped to increase DAB radio coverage from 93% to 97% of the population. In real terms, that means an extra 2.6 million of us can now tune in to digital and enjoy the wider range of choice this brings.

What countries have DAB?

Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB) is a digital radio standard for broadcasting digital audio radio services in many countries around the world, defined and promoted by the WorldDAB forum….Coverage.

Country Coverage (% of population)
Germany 98
UK 97.3
Belgium 97
Netherlands 95

How many stations does DAB radio have?

There are over 60 DAB radio stations available in London. Some of these are digital broadcasts of local and national radio stations which are available via AM and FM radio, but there are also a large number of additional stations which aren’t available on analogue.

How many stations can you get on DAB radio?

There are 53 stations broadcasting on national DAB/DAB+. Some are your old favourites broadcasting in great digital quality. Others are new stations which are only available digitally.

Is DAB worth?

Advantages of DAB Radio in your car better quality sound quality as more information is sent over quicker wavelengths. more channel choice as the digital platforms provides more space. easier to find channels as many stations have set channels (similar to your TV) no need to manually search for new radio channels.

What is the coverage of DAB+ in France?

France has plans to accelerate deployment of DAB+, with calls for broadcasters to cover fifteen zones with over 175,000 inhabitants each as well as national frequencies. Coverage is currently 19% of the 63 million population through 166 DAB+ services and 1.5 million devices sold.

How many countries in Europe have DAB services?

Twenty countries in Europe have regular DAB services while a further nine are conducting trials and five are showing some interest. Austria currently has fifteen DAB+ services and coverage of 29% for the population of 8.7 million, with 0.5 million receivers sold so far.

What percentage of German cars have DAB?

Germany has 97% coverage of its 81.6 population through 150 DAB+ services and almost ten million devices sold. Marketing efforts are underway to increase the current 18% penetration and 39% of new cars have DAB.

When will the DAB network start in Belgium?

The technical network is due to start construction in spring 2019 in Vienna, other cities following in 2020. Belgium has a 95% coverage of its 11 million population with a mix of DAB and DAB+ services and 400,000 receivers sold.