What are the global issues in nursing?

The key nursing issues of concern at the global level are workforce, the impacts of nursing in health care, professional status, and education of nurses. International alliances can help advance nursing, but the visibility of nursing in the WHO needs to be strengthened.

What are the political consequences of global warming?

Research has shown repeatedly that warmer temperatures and more extreme weather contribute to a slew of adverse outcomes: violent crime, political instability and the collapse of regimes, to name a few.

How is climate change related to nursing?

The nursing profession has a duty to contribute to climate change adaptation (reducing vulnerability to the harmful effects) and mitigation (reducing or preventing green house gas (GHG) emissions) as it is committed to protecting health and wellbeing and to promoting social justice.

How does the political environment affect an organization?

Governments can raise or lower corporation tax , which will impact on profits. They can also affect businesses by increasing value-added tax on products or business rates. They can bring in new laws like the National Minimum Wage , which impacts on profits and employment rights.

Why should nurses care about climate change?

Nurses can be instrumental in communications with patients and families, working with their hospitals and health systems to reduce emissions and influencing the adoption of strategies to better prepare our health care facilities and our communities for the health impacts of climate change.

How do hospitals contribute to climate change?

While vastly differing in scale, each nation’s health sector releases greenhouse gases while delivering care and procuring products and technologies from a carbon-intensive supply chain. Health care contributes to carbon emissions through energy consumption, transport, and products manufactured, used, and disposed of.

How does burnout affect nursing?

Abundant studies have documented the negative impact of burnout. Burnout lowers nurses’ quality of life, performance level, and organizational commitment and increases their intention to leave the job. As well, burnout increases turnover rates and negatively affects the quality of nursing care.

How does nursing burnout affect patient care?

“Clinicians with burnout may also have impaired attention, memory, and executive function that decrease their recall and attention to detail,” the AHRQ researchers continued. “Diminished vigilance, cognitive function, and increased safety lapses place clinicians and patients at higher risk for errors.”