Should I worry about Velamentous cord?

A velamentous cord insertion is a rare umbilical cord abnormality that may require monitoring during your pregnancy, but happily, with proper care, the chances that it will end up being problematic for your pregnancy or your baby are low.

How rare is velamentous cord insertion?

Velamentous insertion occurs in approximately 1% of all pregnancies. Velamentous cord insertion is more common among multi-fetal pregnancies, and has been estimated to occur in up to 10% of twin pregnancies, with increasing incidence with increasing number of fetuses in a multifetal gestation.

How common is velamentous cord insertion?

What is velamentous insertion of umbilical cord?

In Velamentous Insertion of Umbilical Cord, the umbilical cord inserts into the membranes of the developing fetus, instead of the placental disc There are no causative factors associated with Velamentous Insertion of Umbilical Cord.

Does ultrasonography predict prognosis of velamentous umbilical cord insertion during pregnancy?

The authors have no conflicts of interest to disclose. Synopsis: Pregnant women with velamentous umbilical cord insertion usually showed poor prognosis. Ultrasonography contributes to the screening of velamentous umbilical cord insertion. The study protocols were approved by the Ethical Committee of Beijing Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital.

Does velamentous cord insertion increase the risk of perinatal death?

The risk of perinatal death was doubled in pregnancies with velamentous cord insertion relative to normal cord insertion.

What is the prevalence of umbilical cord insertion in singletons?

Conclusion The prevalence of velamentous and marginal insertions of the umbilical cord was 7.8% in singletons and 16.9% in twin gestations, with marginal insertion being more common than velamentous.