Can you wild camp in Wadi Rum?

There are several options for camping in the Wadi Rum Protected Area. You can choose the Bedouin camps, that have set up tents with proper beds, access to the bathroom, a common tent area and serve local food. Or, you can try wild camping by yourself with your own camping equipment.

Is it worth visiting Wadi Rum?

If you think the kids would enjoy a desert adventure riding camels, bouncy 4×4 jeep drives over sand dunes and climbing up huge rock formations to view the sunset and camping out under the stars in a Martian landscape, then yes, Wadi Rum is worth visiting. It is basically a giant sandpit for them to play in!

Is Wadi Rum open?

Our airports have opened, and we are finally able to welcome visitors again in Jordan. We are happy to welcome you here in Wadi Rum after this long break.

What is special about Wadi Rum?

Wadi Rum Desert is famed for its link to T.E. Lawrence the original “Lawrence of Arabia”. Along with Prince Feisal bin Al-Hussein, he made his base here during the Arab Revolt of 1917-1918. At the center of Wadi Rum village is the Desert Police fort.

Can you wild camp in Jordan?

Wild camping in Jordan is illegal, but some of the ecological and national parks are happy to have campers pitch up tents on designated camping spots with facilities. However Jordan remains close to its Bedouin roots, and in reality if you’re remote and rural enough no one is going to mind.

Is Wadi Rum safe?

Wadi Rum is not an inherently dangerous place but travelers in the desert should take a few simple precautions to reduce risks and make their visit more enjoyable.

Are there insects in Wadi Rum?

Invertebrates in Wadi Rum Several species of insects and arthropods are found in Wadi Rum, including scorpions, spiders, ants, bees, wasps, moths and beetles. One common small creature you will see down on the sand is the Blaps beetle (Tenebrionidae), black in colour with long legs.

How can I travel in Wadi Rum?

The best way to travel between the two destinations is by car with a private driver, and the drive will take a little over an hour. The route starts on the Aqaba Highway, and quickly merges onto the Desert Highway, which will take you all the way to Wadi Rum.

Is Wadi Rum part of the Arabian desert?

Wadi Rum (Valley of the Moon) lies in the far south of Jordan, set on a high plateau at the western edge of the Arabian desert. Gargantuan rock formations, rippled sand dunes, and clear night skies create an almost fairy-tale setting across an unpopulated area the size of New York City.

Do people live in Wadi Rum?

Nearly all the native inhabitants of Wadi Rum are bedouins. Here, they live in the Rum Village and in the desert, some families moving from place to place as the climate demands.

Is wild camping legal in Israel?

Camping in the wild outside the natuire reserves IS legal as long as you are not on private land or in military exercise areas. There are literally milions of places where one might camp and loads of designated camp sites. Just use you commone sense regarding where to sleep and look after your belongings.

Is camping popular in Iran?

Here are some of the most scenic places to go camping in Iran. Unlike in many European countries, there are no organised camp sites in Iran. You can simply head to any open green space, pitch your tent and camp out.