Can you ride bikes through the National Mall?

Bicycles are welcome in the National Mall and Memorial Parks and bicycle parking is provided near each of the major memorials as well as along the National Mall.

Does Washington DC have city bikes?

With Capital Bikeshare you can take a bicycle from more than 500 stations across the Washington, DC, metro region and return it to any station near your destination. Check out a bike for your trip to work, Metro, run errands, go shopping, or visit friends and family.

Does DC have rental bikes?

The widest selection of rental bikes can be found at our National Mall location. Bikes may also be reserved from our Alexandria location and may be limited some days of the week. Reservations are recommended for kids’ equipment, specialty bikes and parties of 5 riders or more.

Can you ride bikes in Washington DC?

Bicycling on both streets and sidewalks is welcome according to the National Mall and President’s Park (which covers most of the NPS area in downtown DC), except for a few designated areas like the White House Sidewalk. Cycling is allowed on every paved road and trail in Rock Creek Park.

How long does it take to bike around the National Mall?

approximately one hour and 5 minutes
It takes approximately one hour and 5 minutes to complete a full loop along The National Mall route in ideal traffic conditions.

Is DC bike friendly?

The District’s investments in bike-share, bike lanes and a wider trail system are paying off. Not only does the nation’s capital have the second-highest share of bike commuters among major U.S. cities, it now holds gold status as one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country.

Can I ride my bike on the sidewalk in Washington DC?

While not recommended safe cycling practice in most instances, DC code states that cyclists are allowed to ride on the sidewalk as long as they are outside the central business district (CBD).

Is biking safe in DC?

Bicycling “is a really healthy way to get around the city because you’re not just sitting in the car or sitting on the Metro,” DC Bike Ride marketing director Michelle Cleveland said. Cleveland said biking to work or participating in recreational events like DC Bike Ride are a great way to get some light exercise.

Why buy a bike from bike and roll DC?

or Buy One of our Well Maintained Fleet Bikes! Bike and Roll DC offers entertaining and informative bike and Segway tours of Washington, DC and Alexandria, VA, including the National Mall, Mount Vernon Estate, and the annual Cherry Blossoms Festival! Guided tours, self-guided rides, and group tours are available.

Can I take a bike to the National Mall?

Bicycling Information. Bicycles are welcome in the National Mall and Memorial Parks and bicycle parking is provided near each of the major memorials as well as along the National Mall.

Where can I rent a bicycle near the Lincoln Memorial?

Bicycle rentals are available from Thompson Boat Center located near the intersection of Virginia Avenue, NW and Rock Creek and Potomac Parkway, NW, just a short distance north of the Lincoln Memorial along the Potomac River-Rock Creek Trail.

How can you explore Washington DC by bike?

The best way to explore the nation’s capital is by bike! Get out, enjoy some fresh air, and explore the many sites that Washington DC has to offer. We offer the largest selection of adult bikes, kids bikes, and specialty equipment in the area. Do you want to organize something special for your friends and family?